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8/21 Sunday – 11:00AM YES! I am so excited for class! Today’s class intention: I’m going to pay extra attention to how she cues her poses and the intention of breath. <class starts> Is it just me or is class super hard today? Wait – no negative talk. Today’s class is full of opportunity to learn. Firefly? Yeah I can do that pose. Wait – why is everyone off the floor and I am still on the floor? Think positive Jenn – remember? Laura Mary says we become what we think. Believe you are a firefly and you are flying! WHY ISNT THIS WORKING? I am STILL on the ground. Whew. ok we are finally out of that pose. Was that just the warm up? ACK! Okay… it is going to be a long day…. savasana – finally! I bet I cannot mess this one up…

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.05.29 PM 8/21 Sunday – 6:00PM Round two! The chance to push myself to be better. The first class was a warm up and now you can give it all you got. <Laura Mary cues for half moon> You got this Jenn! uh – oh… timbeeerrrr. Yep. I just fell out of position. Ok, getting back into position. Wait! Now it is time for inversions and binds. Why are my hands not reaching? One step at a time Jenn, you cannot rush this. We are now partnering up for head stand. Tulsi is amazing! Look at her go. Okay, you can be like that too! Focus on the pose and breathe Jenn. Focus… focus…focus….oh noo. That loud boom was me. At least no one heard me fall.

“Jenn want me to spot you?” Tulsi asked.
DOH! “Um, sure of course” I responded.

Now Jenn, you have someone helping you – don’t. mess. it. up.
<I start getting into the pose>
Man, Tulsi is a good spotter. She is good at giving direction too on how to be successful with this pose. I have a lot of studying to do this week! Ok ok enough, back to focusing on my poses. I feel like I am really working it today. My arms are a little shaky but I will be ok. So. Many. Poses. Oh yay! Happy baby! We are almost done with class!
“…and Namaste”
Wait… class is over?! NOOOOOO I cannot believe it – when I started to get into a groove, class ends! Boo…I  guess there is always Tuesday!

Tina Fey gif 4.gif

 8/21 Sunday – 7:00PM Meditation class? PERFECT! This music is killing me.. all I wanna do is write short skits about birds doing yoga. Ok maybe I should have a diverse group of animals going yoga. 1….2… 3… breathe. Wait ack! I am off. I need to start over. Never mind I guess we are counting to 10 now… are we done yet? Meditation is great when guided. But when there is too much silence, my mind def wanders… like below… 

Yoga Teacher Training – Day 1

Yoga Teacher Training – who isn’t a yoga teacher now a days? I feel like everyone I know either has or is going to take yoga teacher training (YTT). Maybe it is because of who I surround myself with, or maybe it is the new hipster thing to do.

Whatever the case, I wanted to share with you all (the world) my journey for these next nine weeks while I attend YTT. Let’s begin:

It was the first day of class and boy was I scared! It is always exciting and nervous when you start a new class – or anything new for that matter. My biggest fear was not being good enough or not being liked/accepted by my peers. Laura Mary Flynn, our instructor cleared all of my fears within 10 minutes of class. She greeted our group with open arms, sending her love and positive energy to everyone. I know it might sound cheesy but I am for REAL!

Class was off to an amazing start. We proceeded to listen to a TED talk about The Power of Vulnerability. It is when you are vulnerable you are able to learn more about yourself, who you are and why you do what you do. In class we were asked how did this video make us feel and I shared that my whole life, I was taught to be the complete opposite. Don’t let people see your true self. Don’t let people see you are weak. These are things I was taught at a young age and I understand it was to protect me. Now – it is really about reading a situation understanding that there is a time and place for emotions. Vulnerability can be a weakness but also used as a strength.

We continued on to the next section of class where we were introduced to the first 10 postures of yoga. We learned the benefits of each posture along with cues on how to lead a student into the pose and modifications to make it easier or more challenging. I have taken many classes and being a teacher is way harder than being a student. It is a different mind set. When you practice, you take care of you, and you are in control of your body movements. When you teach you have to be a very clear and effective communicator. You have to start with the breath, say the name of the pose, the sanskrit name of the pose and lead from the feet and move your way up. There is a lot to remember, consider and on top of all that, to sound calm, cool and collected. It was an intense first day but I am looking forward to tomorrow and the next eight weeks!



2 Cups of Rolled Oats
1 Cup of Chunky Peanut Butter
1/2 Cup of PB 2
1/2 Cup of Carob Chips
2 Tsp of Chia Seeds
2 Tsp of Flax Seeds

Mix all items in a blender
Refrigerate for 30 min
Roll out balls + enjoy!
(Always keep refrigerated)


Making Space
Today’s intention is to make more space for me.
It has been quite a weekend. Everyone is busy – and I get it. There are times where I feel that I give so much of my time and consideration to others and in the end, it is not reciprocated. My parents taught me to never expect anything back when you do/give something for others. I try my hardest to remember and practice this way of thinking. However, when I do bend over backwards for some, especially family, expressing gratitude means a lot to me. Right now, I feel torn, upset and disappointed.

A recipe for disaster:
Taught to please others + do everything in my power to make people happy + not expecting anything in return = resentment and anger

In the end, I know I deserve to be happy and it all starts with me. I am the only person that can change me. Identifying the problems are easy, but finding a solution is what matters.  The solution: Put my own well being as a priority by giving myself the opportunity to care for my own health + happiness.


Today’s intention is to care with compassion.

compassion (noun) com·pas·sion \kəm-ˈpa-shən\
a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc.

Daily Intention

I have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. Yoga truly is amazing and gives me such joy – mentally and physically. In each class, our instructor will ask us to set an intention. The intention is differs from a goal. Setting an intention is setting a focus on something specific that you value now. Setting a goal is something is focuses on the future. An intention can be something deeply personal or something physical. It’s a continual aspiration to guide you toward balance in your life. There is no real right or wrong way to set an intention as long as it has meaning to you.

Yesterday I attended Laura Mary’s 8:15PM class and it inspired me to not only set an intention when in class – but to do this daily. To keep an intention top of mind throughout the day.

Today’s intention: #LetItGo. Elsa said it best to “Let it Go”.
Reminding myself I can only control my actions and reactions.

For more information about why an intention is set in yoga,  click here.


The Jerry Maguire Affect

I started my blog in 2010 and for the longest time I have been trying to figure out my voice, my beat, how to best write this blog and how it represents me. The last few posts have been just photos mainly because I am afraid of writing. I have spent hours reading about how to improve your writing etc and even though I may not be the best writer, experts say it is all about practice. So here we go…

The Jerry Maguire Affect. Yep. Since the beginning of my communications/marketing career, I have always wanted to grow my reach/following/influence [insert buzzword here]. I felt it was important to my career along with who I was. I care about people. When I meet someone and get to know them, I want to connect and let them know that I will be there for them when they are in need. Of course this is a very silly and immature way of looking at relationships. It is impossible to connect with every single person and there are lots of people who will see this as a weakness and take advantage of it.

As I mature into my thirties, I have had time to reflect on my twenties. To review what worked, what hasn’t. What do I want to improve on? What is my next step? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What do I want to be when I grow up?

Comments I have received from many people were
“…you need to focus on a small group of people. You spread yourself too thin.”
“…you are too attached to your phone. You are not present.”
 “…you need to do what makes you happy, Jenn. For yourself, not anyone else.”

At the time, the comments were in one ear and out the other. I was too busy and focused on trying to make others happy and put them first. Growing up with F.O.B parents, that was the way to show your love. Sacrifice your own happiness and to put energy to those you love first. I have been very lucky to have met amazing people in my life and they have helped mentor me and coach me through some of the most difficult times in my life. The comments above were taken lightly at one time but the more I reflect, I realize that I need to take my own advice with the airplane affect.

(The airplane affect is when the plane drops the oxygen masks and instructions are put your own mask on first before helping anyone else. This is a metaphor I would share with others, explaining to them that, you need to take care of yourself first before anyone else)

It dawned on me that I need to pull back. Reprioritize and put myself first. Not in a selfish way but to make sure I am happy before trying to help someone else. Jerry Maguire did just that. For some, this movie was before your time. Jerry Maguire is a 1996 romantic comedy-drama. The main character Jerry Maguire had a life-altering epiphany about his role as a sports agent. He wrote a mission statement about perceived dishonesty in the sports management business and his desire to work with fewer clients so as to produce better quality. This movie (or at least the beginning) really inspired me. The focus on less is more. This is not to say I am going to ice people out of my life, but I need to really focus on myself, my goals and surround myself with those who will reciprocate friendship/love/loyalty.

The former Jenn would always say “I will always make time for you” to way too many people and would be unable to keep promises and felt stressed and unfulfilled. Recently I have been spending more time with myself. It is not easy as I always want to please everyone. For the first time in my life, I feel so much happier. It might sound selfish and I don’t want to make this post about pushing people away but rather that I want to deepen my relationships, be present. In turn I feel the result will be positive and I will be better wife/ daughter/sister/friend/ co-worker etc.

I do care about the friendships and relationships I have. I do believe caring and cultivating relationships are important. Thank you for taking time to read this and know that I am not changing for the worse but rather bettering myself to help those around me.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

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