Breakfast Quiche 

Inspired to eat healthy (and on a budget) after a very indulgent weekend, I made a breakfast quiche for lunch this week.

8 Eggs
2.5 Spinach
12 Grape tomatoes
6 Mini Peppers

Bake at 350 set for 45 minutes in a square glass Pyrex
16 Servings
Calories per piece: 49


Hilo Shark’s Coffee 

Checking out the ginger ice cream!  


4-Mile Beach 


Bubble Run! 

Had a blast today running the #BubbleRunHawaii   

January Art

Put A Bird On It!   

Sunny Days 

Sunny Days: Kept the clouds away and our bellies full!  This cute breakfast spot definitely belongs on Monsarrat. It has a beach house atmosphere that welcomes good friends and good vibes. The menu is simple and has a healthy flare.

Bring your appetite because the portions are very generous. I tried the caramel banana pancakes and the shrimp sandwich – yums! Definitely worth a try!

What is your secret to staying young? 

Today I volunteered at the Senior Fair. I was at the HMSA booth tasked to ask guests, “What is your secret to staying young?” 

Many answered a healthy diet and exercise but my top 3 favorites were tequila shots, money, and to marry a young rich man. After those awesome answers, what is your secret to staying young? 


ivivva Honolulu’s 2015 Swim Line

Today was super fun. We went to Kaimanas to host a quick fit session for the ivivva swimwear line. I art directed and photographed two amazing girls. They love the water and were so easy to work with! The weather held up despite the 40% chance of rain forecast. Things turned out perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Working at ivivva Honolulu has allowed me to live out my dream. To be creative in all that I do. In addition to coordinating, organizing and implementing photo shoots, I help promote the photos on ivivva’s social media platforms. I’m so thankful and blessed everyday to be given so many opportunities. Below is a sneak peak of what’s to come! #grateful #lml


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