JLieu’s Book Club

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to announce that I am starting a book “club”! I mentioned it on Twitter a couple of months ago.

This started as a joke last year as I started to read more and was excited to share all of my pics online. Genres were specifically inspirational fiction and self-help books that specialized in health and wellness. Then, last Saturday, my friend Eric mentioned to me that he wanted to read more as his resolution. From there I told him about my book club idea but it would have to me about stuff I liked, otherwise I would not read it. (note: I am VERY lucky to have such understanding and
open-minded friends). And voilà – the #JLieuBookClub is born!

Below is more information if you are interested in joining us on read stuff that I like. Members are encouraged to make book recommendations however in the end, if you want to discuss it with me, it has to peak my interest, haha! Thanks for reading this and taking time to humor me.

JOIN #JLieuBookClub

  1. It’s so simple and free! Here is how it works:
    Join by emailing me at jennlieu@me.com. The book list, membership information and event calendar will be included in the confirmation of your membership. Please allow one week for response. This club is growing faster than Mark Zuckerberg’s Club, A Year of Books.
  2. Purchase the book
  3. Read the book
  4. Join us at one of our discuss sessions that are held once a month

Join the Book Club, a two-hour experience to discuss the novel of the month and make new friends.
The Book Club meets on the third Saturday of the month from 6pm to 8pm. Locations will be sent via email.

“I love books! I think books open windows to the world for all of us.” — Oprah Winfrey

chef inspired

Addicted. very addicted. Ive been watching tons of cooking shows, shows about chefs, shows about food, culture and the list goes on. All things related to food and cooking… I’m addicted. I’m inspired. I want to cook and create. Most all successful chefs are very passionate about what they do and wont compromise on quality, taste or experience. While I do have my career in marketing, I would love to learn more about the culinary arts. PBS did a great series called The Mind of a Chef. The first season featured David Chang, a talented and very entertaining chef and entrepreneur. See for yourself and get cooking.

4 Apps for an Awesome August and the 1 Question to Ask Yourself Today


This Kimi gal is AWESOME!

Originally posted on KimiMorton.com:

Can you believe it is already August?! What a perfect time to reflect on the year so far. How are you doing on those goals and visions you created for yourself at the beginning of 2014? There are 5 whole months left in this year…what are you going to do with them? Instead of resetting those same old boring goals, think about this quote from Tim Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Work Week (my current Audible pick of the month): “The question you should be asking isn’t, ‘What do I want?’ or ‘What are my goals?’, but, ‘What would excite me?'” What is going to fire you up this month and beyond? What would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Whatever you’re thinking, think BIGGER, crazier, and more awesome! You’re not on this planet to get by and get along, you’re here to milk every…

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Gratitude – Day 8

There has been many changes in the last couple of weeks which has made it very challenging for me. It put me in a dark place causing me to think negatively, giving me unnecessary stress. Every task, problem, or worry that surrounded me was amplified. They say it if does not challenge you, it does not change you – and let me tell you this month has changed me a lot. A fast pass for personal growth. My personal growth is ongoing but I felt as if I was on a rocketship going to the moon and back!

I have been reading, May Cause Miracles, a book that helps shift/change our paradigm in thinking. It has helped me from a dark place of spinning over things I cannot change – to see what I can do personally. If I can change something about a situation to make me happier – then yes, I have the control, to do it. If not, then what can I do to adjust my feelings, actions and thoughts to make the best out of a tough situation. Sometimes the hardest situations are with the ones you love the most. Feeling helpless is one of the worst feelings in the world. However, I am leaving the feeling of hopelessness behind and channeling positive thoughts and affirmations. Taking each day as a gift, and taking things as they come.

I am trying to get back to writing about things I am thankful for. Things that I am grateful for this month is listed below:

  • Yoga once a week with Miks on Thursdays at Magic Island from 6:30PM-7:30PM
  • Awesome co-workers that support me through thick and thin. Make me crazy and make me laugh!
  • Diane, and her gift or support and the book, May Cause Miracles. Amazing gift
  • Kimee’s improv for business class. Helping me to think on my feet more and let things GO!
  • The love and support of my friends and most of all, Matt. My rock, my hero.

Gratitude – Day 7

Last week I made a quick trip to Dallas. I have not been back since 2000! I cannot believe how fast 14 years go by. I am really lucky to have an amazing family and that even after all these years they welcomed me with open arms. They are truly the best. I also was able to reconnect with some friends and hope to plan another Texas trip soon to visit the rest. Life is short, learning to spend my time with those I love and hold dear to my heart.

Gratitude – Day 6

  1. I am in control of my life, feelings, and how I treat others
  2. I have people in my life who care. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. A reminder that no one is perfect, and we need to pick our battles.
  3. Being able to see the bigger picture. If something is bothering me, is it worth fighting for and how can I deliver my message weather? I am grateful to have the ability to step back and think about my actions before just acting out.
  4. Banana Republic Non Iron Shirts.

Gratitude – Day 5

  1. They give the gift of tough love. I am lucky to have people in my life who care about me and will help me grow personally and professionally.
  2. To work with a bunch of people I truly care about and love.
  3. To have my health. Healthy is wealth.

Live life happy. Life is too short.