Patagonia Provisions – Banana

Mahalo to the Shizumuras for the thoughtful gift!

Happy Valentines Day

Sending love and hugs to all 💗

My First 2017 Run

What it looked like 

What it felt like 

Star Fruit Friends

Tried my hand at stop motion animation again and I think it is getting better. It is less shaky. Next item I need to work on is a story line! The star fruit friends video was inspired because I love star fruit and when I eat it, it always makes me smile! This was a quick test to see if I could fix some of the issues from my last short film. Thank you Irwin for your feedback, I appreciate it! More fun things to come soon!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and when it gets tough, visit your local farmers market for some star fruit and smiles!

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. May you and your loved ones experience more love, happiness and laughter. Speaking of laughter, I hope you can enjoy this short video I put together about a dancing carrot. The carrot is locally grown by Kahumana Organic Farm & Cafe and was distributed by Oahu Fresh. Two awesome companies helping to feed Hawaii.

New Year, New Goals
I am learning how to film and edit video for my personal and professional growth. The video is a little shaky to me – and I am working on trying to fix that. Feel free to give feedback below – would love to get your thoughts!


#YOLO! I’m really living life – looking forward to going home and working out. This gluttonous lifestyle is not sustainable. Dough’s donuts are great but giant! We split these four treats among five people and we could not finish it all! Now…on to find coffee!  

with an open mind and heart

At the beginning of each day, I like to take time to set an intention. This helps me focus my thoughts and energy throughout the day. At the end of the day, I’ll reflect upon how well I was able to focus on the intention. What went well, what did not. 

Today’s intention: to have an open mind and heart. Taking everything in with an open mind and heart in New York is truly eye opening. So many people with so many interesting stories. Everyone is rushing and has some place to be. The best way to see someone’s true character is when we are in traffic. We caught four Ubers and each driver had their own way of dealing with traffic. Some got mad, some were chill, others were calmly breathing through the whole time. 

My biggest take away today: to listen more, smile more and practice forgiveness. We all could be more open and show more compassion. 

Tomorrow, set an  intention and review how your day went. Would love to hear your story, please comment below or talk story with me on Twitter @jlieu! with love and aloha 💙 namaste 

The Wythe Hotel 

Another hipster hot spot. Gorgeous views, expensive snack with tiny portions. The caramel popcorn below was $6. Pretty good, plus my stomach has more room to eat and try other places. 😆