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Adding Value

I have been listening to a ton of podcasts and watching many inspiring videos about how to live you best life. Yes. Roll your eyes now – this is something I do on the daily. Nothing new. However – I noticed a reoccurring theme – Adding value. Adding value is that extra care you take when you connect with anyone from a date, co-worker, best friend, significant other – the list goes on.


Shout out to The Minimalists, Anna Akana and Don’t Keep Your Day Job for inspiring me! 

Three Ways to Add Value

  • Listen with intention. Listen more and be fully present opposed to listening to respond. For example, when a friend shares a situation with you, because we want to help our friend, we will listen to the situation and then when they are done, immediately give them advice on how to solve their problem. Sometimes, people want to just share to share (also known as venting). Other times, they might want advice, but to give a better response, sometimes we need to understand the situation, ask more questions before responding.
  • Lead By Example. As Gandhi said, Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Walk the walk. If you want your date to stay fully engaged, you shouldn’t be checking your phone in-between your conversation.
  • Give Back. I have been very lucky in my life to have many teachers, leaders, mentors and friends who have helped shape who I am today. These people shared with me advice, taught me strategic and tactical skills for work and life. If you have been as lucky as me, honor these people and help pay it forward.

These are just three ways I am personally working on to improve myself and wanted to share with you. There are many more ways to add value into your life and to others. Once you start adding value to your life and others, be sure your voice is genuine and authentic.

- Joshua Fields Millburn

Your Karma

kar·ma •ˈkärmə • noun: (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
informal: destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

A good friend of mine shared with me that whatever happens in your day, your life, is your karma. Your karma encompasses the good, the bad and everything in-between. After she shared this idea, it helped me to be more understanding, accepting and conscious of my actions and reactions to any situation.

For example earlier this week, I was almost hit by a car. My initial emotion was anger because the driver had made eye contact with me (and made me feel that it was safe to cross the street). To my surprise, the driver proceeded to accelerate at full speed. I jumped back in order to not get hit.

I reflected on how I reacted to the situation, I reacted out of fear. That fear turned into anger. At the moment, I had the opportunity to practice my breath, act calm, let go.
Yet I failed – miserably.

I share this story with you because most of the time I am balanced and grounded. On this specific day, I was caught off guard. My reaction is my own karma. I can control my own reactions and thoughts. Instead of allowing the driver to go ahead first, I let my assumptions and ego get to me.

Four Simple Steps To Improve Your Karma 

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Practice being patient with others and yourself.
  3. Practice compassion and forgiveness to others and yourself.
  4. When you feel upset, angry, sad (which is fine once in a while because we are all human), to acknowledge the feeling. From there, reflect to understand what happened and learn how improve the next time a similar situation arises.

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