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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. May you and your loved ones experience more love, happiness and laughter. Speaking of laughter, I hope you can enjoy this short video I put together about a dancing carrot. The carrot is locally grown by Kahumana Organic Farm & Cafe and was distributed by Oahu Fresh. Two awesome companies helping to feed Hawaii.

New Year, New Goals
I am learning how to film and edit video for my personal and professional growth. The video is a little shaky to me – and I am working on trying to fix that. Feel free to give feedback below – would love to get your thoughts!

Watercolor Wine 

Thank you to my dear friend Ira, for giving me the opportunity to create/design a wine label for your mango wine. It was a complete honor. 

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Food Diary Struggles

What I show people I eat online/social media:
Healthy always, local as much as possible


What I actually eat
crap (yes, I know I have a problem)


Daily Intention

I have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. Yoga truly is amazing and gives me such joy – mentally and physically. In each class, our instructor will ask us to set an intention. The intention is differs from a goal. Setting an intention is setting a focus on something specific that you value now. Setting a goal is something is focuses on the future. An intention can be something deeply personal or something physical. It’s a continual aspiration to guide you toward balance in your life. There is no real right or wrong way to set an intention as long as it has meaning to you.

Yesterday I attended Laura Mary’s 8:15PM class and it inspired me to not only set an intention when in class – but to do this daily. To keep an intention top of mind throughout the day.

Today’s intention: #LetItGo. Elsa said it best to “Let it Go”.
Reminding myself I can only control my actions and reactions.

For more information about why an intention is set in yoga,  click here.


Hilo Shark’s Coffee 

Checking out the ginger ice cream!

Bubble Run! 

Had a blast today running the #BubbleRunHawaii

ivivva Honolulu’s 2015 Swim Line

Today was super fun. We went to Kaimanas to host a quick fit session for the ivivva swimwear line. I art directed and photographed two amazing girls. They love the water and were so easy to work with! The weather held up despite the 40% chance of rain forecast. Things turned out perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Working at ivivva Honolulu has allowed me to live out my dream. To be creative in all that I do. In addition to coordinating, organizing and implementing photo shoots, I help promote the photos on ivivva’s social media platforms. I’m so thankful and blessed everyday to be given so many opportunities. Below is a sneak peak of what’s to come! #grateful #lml

JLieu’s Book Club

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to announce that I am starting a book “club”! I mentioned it on Twitter a couple of months ago.

This started as a joke last year as I started to read more and was excited to share all of my pics online. Genres were specifically inspirational fiction and self-help books that specialized in health and wellness. Then, last Saturday, my friend Eric mentioned to me that he wanted to read more as his resolution. From there I told him about my book club idea but it would have to me about stuff I liked, otherwise I would not read it. (note: I am VERY lucky to have such understanding and
open-minded friends). And voilà – the #JLieuBookClub is born!

Below is more information if you are interested in joining us on read stuff that I like. Members are encouraged to make book recommendations however in the end, if you want to discuss it with me, it has to peak my interest, haha! Thanks for reading this and taking time to humor me.

JOIN #JLieuBookClub

  1. It’s so simple and free! Here is how it works:
    Join by emailing me at The book list, membership information and event calendar will be included in the confirmation of your membership. Please allow one week for response. This club is growing faster than Mark Zuckerberg’s Club, A Year of Books.
  2. Purchase the book
  3. Read the book
  4. Join us at one of our discuss sessions that are held once a month

Join the Book Club, a two-hour experience to discuss the novel of the month and make new friends.
The Book Club meets on the third Saturday of the month from 6pm to 8pm. Locations will be sent via email.

“I love books! I think books open windows to the world for all of us.” — Oprah Winfrey


Gratitude – Day 6

  1. I am in control of my life, feelings, and how I treat others
  2. I have people in my life who care. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. A reminder that no one is perfect, and we need to pick our battles.
  3. Being able to see the bigger picture. If something is bothering me, is it worth fighting for and how can I deliver my message weather? I am grateful to have the ability to step back and think about my actions before just acting out.
  4. Banana Republic Non Iron Shirts.