9/19 Monday
8:15PM  – Shelby’s Class

Wow. This class is tough! She kept it real – slow and intentional movements. We held poses super long and I know Kellie loved it. Tulsi and I were dying but overall it helped me go to bed.

9/20 Tuesday
8:15PM – Laura Mary’s Class 
YAY. Vinyasa is most def my style. I love the way class flows and that it is like a song…. you have a strong build up and then let the beat drop. Super fun stuff!

9/21 Wednesday
Fun day – went to pau hana with a good friend.
Note to self – I need to make more friends that are single.

9/22 Thursday
FARM FIT! I think if more people farmed – they would not have to go to places like cross fit. It would be duo purpose – make healthy food and then get a work out. Win/Win!

9/23 Friday 
6:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class 

I really needed yoga today – the flow had the perfect make up of core and yet feel good basics.

9/24 Saturday
11:00AM – Yoga Business
Today’s lecture was super exciting. I am looking forward to plan my vision and mission not just for yoga but for life!

9/25 Sunday 
11:00AM – Missed class
So sad. I know I missed a good one

12:00PM – Yoga Ethics
Make good decisions and just stick to yoga!

6:00PM  – Derek’s Class
Today’s class was a killer core class. Tonight he led us into peacock pose and from class – I am not ready. Meditation was a great one. We did a brief vision/goals meditation and really envisioned what we want our life to look like in the future. I see yoga, art and family in my future. So exciting stuff!

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