9/12 Monday
Wrist pain. so. much. pain. I think this is from falling out of my handstand. Note to self – Listen to your body Jennifer!

9/13 Tuesday
8:15PM – Laura Mary’s Class

Tonight was an awesome flow. I really needed yoga. It is amazing what happens when you start letting go – mentally and physically. Recently there has been a lot weighing on my mind from the big move – to financing the move and remodeling, studying etc. The list goes on. Tonight, during practice, I let go and focused on how my body moved, how I felt. There were time when my mind did wander and immediately, I would fall out of a pose. But when I focused – I was able to take hurdlers pose for the first time. I have been practicing forever and I finally held the pose for a couple of seconds. Next step – to hold hurdlers for a solid 20 seconds! #yogagoals

9/14 Wednesday
So excited to draft my new flow tonight. I am going to practice twice before the weekend – maybe more. Wish me luck!

9/15 Thursday
5:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class
Being outside really changes your practice. There are so many more distractions and at the same time, I love being able to listen to nature. Listening to the sound of the wind and the sun on my face.

9/16 Friday
6:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class
Another fun Friday – hurdler’s pose – I will get you! In addition – I will also go into bridge pose and walk my hands up a wall. BOOM. Feeling like a baus!

9/18 Sunday
11:00AM – Laura Mary’s Class
Sunday Funday! It is never a dull moment on Sundays. We had an energizing flow and it inspired Tulsi, Kellie and I to practice our handstands and forearm stands! The day is not done so I am trying to conserve energy but yet so excited to feel so much stronger!

In class today we learned what to consider when there are pregnant women in our class. It was an eye opening experience and I have a new respect for women who are pregnant. Balance, space and energy are so different with these types of women! We used balloons to act as if we were pregnant and I kept falling over and did not have the same type of balance. Note the balloon was filled with helium and it was still so difficult to practice. We also learned more about the anatomy of the ab muscles and that it really helps women to have a strong core before giving birth – so abs are always going to be top of mind for me. Gotta work on that core!

6:00PM – Derek’s Class
Meditation was a lot better this week. We did not have so many sad things to think about. I think what helps me the most in meditation is when I have a combination of a focus in mind along with sitting more comfortably. This week I was on my back and I felt like I was able to let go. I did not furrow my brow and it was nice to just clear my head. I am excited to try it this week!

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