9/5 Monday
Today I held three yoga practices and as I taught each student, I learned something new each time!

9/6  Tuesday
8:15PM – Laura Mary’s Class

Today was a super fun and exciting class because I was able to accomplish Astavakrasana – kind of. It is not 100% perfect but almost! I am one of those people that when I just do something – and don’t think too much, I can accomplish more. The moment I know I am doing well – it all falls apart.

Perhaps when I am in yoga, I am relaxed and I let go which is why I was able to accomplish this. On another note – I am getting better with my glasses. Getting to a point where I am able to focus on the cues and listening to my body. This YTT has been amazing. I say this over and over but the feeling is indescribable.

9/8 Thursday – 2:30PM
I am so excited for 5:30PM class today! I need some vitamin sea! Ala Moana Beach Park – while is not the prettiest, I think people take it for granted. YTT has helped me appreciate and find beauty in almost everything.

5:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class
YAS!!!! That sunset never gets old!

9/9 Friday – 6:00AM
It was a great day! I started off my day teaching a friend at 6:00AM. Feedback consisted of practicing the Sanskrit names but other than that – a good flow. I felt good, and am excited to share this with the group on Saturday. Tonight I will be attending Laura Mary’s Friday Fun night! Can’t wait!

6:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class
Tonight was FUN!!! – awesome music, friends and yoga. I could not ask for anything more. Today was the first night (from last week Wednesday) I was able to wear my contacts to class. I felt strong and energized. I excited and motivated to teach tomorrow. In class I am now more aware of the pace and listening to how cues are said – as the inhale and exhale breaths are not cued every single time. Oh – and small wins, I was able to get into hurdlers for a hot min. Next time I need to engage more to stay longer in the pose. WOOT WOOT!

9/10 Saturday – 11:00AM
“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”—Christopher Robin to Pooh, A.A. Milne

Looking back at today’s lecture there were a lot of feelings. Today we presented our sequence/flow. Everyone seemed to have one with a specific intention and had designed flows that had advanced asanas. I was up next – I started to feel super small and felt that the flow I wrote was too basic and started to feel embarrassed. I started to breakdown. My whole week of practice went down the drain. First we verbally talked about it and there were some places where I needed to improve. Next we demonstrated the flow to our partner. My partner was our instructor, Laura Mary. I was already nervous and this made me super duper nervous. I don’t know why – and I blanked out. It was one of those school moments where you know all the answers to the test but then freeze. I had the hardest time getting the words out and I know Laura Mary tried to reassure me that I was doing okay and I just needed to practice a bit. Overall, I felt super low but I know that this will make me stronger. Her tips will guide me be a better teacher. Trying to stay strong.

9/11 Sunday
11:00AM – Laura Mary’s Class

The more I go to yoga, it is like reading a good book, each time I pick up the book, I learn something new and I don’t want to stop. Today, I felt like I read 4-5 chapters. I am so happy to have taken the chance to invest in myself.

Received some really difficult news. I don’t want to write too much about it but in short – sometimes, letting go can be hard to do but it is also the right thing to do. If someone or something is not serving you in a positive way and it harmful – it is better to let it go.

6:00PM – Derek’s Class
Note to self. Do not eat chili right before going to a yoga class. I was all amped from YTT and wanted to help balance out my vatta dosha with chili but no Jenn. Not right before class! We had many opportunities for inversions and that dreaded dolphin pose but I felt so sick, I took it easy. Afterwards, we had very deep meditation. We reflected on some of Buddha’s teachings – some examples are to accept that we own nothing and can only control ourselves. Things that make sense and then there were some topics that were tough to think about such as losing our loved ones. Our homework this week to do have a 3 second hugging meditation with someone we love and to hold on tight. Not to take the people we love for granted. This is very fitting as it has been a very tough day.

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