8/29 Monday
Nice rest day. So much yoga. I feel stronger. All these readings are putting me to sleep.
YTT makes me miss going to school.

8/30 Tuesday
8:15PM – Laura Mary’s Class

IT WAS SO HOT. It felt as if the room was on fire. Sweat was dripping in my eyes and I feel that it is time to purchase a headband. I am there. The heat felt good but the sweat kept distracting me and I was falling out of my balancing poses.

8/31 Wednesday
UGH. Today I woke up with my eye all red. Not from an infection but from my personal diagnosis is that I broke a blood vessel. This is not good 😦
I will not be wearing my contacts and no eye drops. Ugh. The worst.

9/1 Thursday
5:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class

It was a tough class today because I was wearing my glasses. All I could think about my glasses sliding off my face. The absolute wost. However – I am going to keep going. This makes listening to cues that much more important.

9/2 Friday
6:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class

Tonight I tried class without wearing my glasses. Balancing poses were very difficult but it felt good to stop thinking about my vision so much and to focus on my practice and to

9/3 Saturday
Today we learned about anatomy and it was fun – our bodies are amazing!
We also went over postures and the overall theme was getting your feet over your head and it can help cure almost anything. These poses shift your perspective. While challenging, once you accomplish one – you might want to keep challenging yourself! Amazing stuff!

9/4 Sunday
11:00AM – Laura Mary’s Class

Headstand and handstand much? GEEZ…. ok dolphin pose is k-i-l-l-e-r.
Yesterday we learned all the different variations of headstand and handstand. My favorite is the tripod headstand because this is a pose I was able to get into. As for the other ones such as handstand or forearm stand – my core is currently not strong enough. I am working on these.

Oh and today was another practice without glasses. Challenging but yet I am getting kind of used to it.

6:00PM – Derek’s Class 
Tired of all the inversions – too bad, the fun continues. We had another opportunity to strengthen our arms and shoulders. DOLPHIN POSE APPEARS AGAIN! Haha! I honestly don’t remember too much from this class because I probably tried to block out all the pain. From there – we flowed into meditation and it was really nice. I was a bit distracted in the beginning as I was so tired from the intense work out. About ten minutes into meditation  was able to focus and relax. I am ready to start the new week!

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