per·se·ver·anceˌpərsəˈvirəns/ noun: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

It has been absolutely crazy busy in my world this last week. One of my goals is to journal/write every day about something, even if it is just one line of text. YTT has really taught me to persevere during tough times and to appreciate the good and bad. Emotions are important but to not hang on to each one. Letting go has kept me happy and positive – even with chaos.   

8/22 Monday
I. am. so. sore. I’m still in shock that I am doing yoga teacher training. I don’t have much to say but I need to keep hydrated and keep going. These next couple of weeks will be exciting.

Note to self: Sleep on time!  

8/23 Tuesday
8:15PM – Laura Mary’s Class

Today was amazing. Each time I go to class I feel so blessed. In the beginning of class, Laura Mary shared with us a quote, and it said we need to treat our ourselves like the way we would treat our best friend. She is so right. Most of the time, we wake up, go to work and worry about everyone and everything else and do not care for ourselves the way we should. I am very guilty of this. Throughout class I reminded myself to do my best and tried to wipe out any negative self talk. (This is SUPER hard for me.) Small wins!

During class, we had the opportunity to play with arm balances. Sounds fun right? I attempted a handstand and it went pretty well until it did not. Part of me is scared of letting go, however, letting go is the only way I will be able to get into the pose. It is a work in progress and I am determined to improve. Next class is on Thursday and I am looking forward to challenging myself again and being outdoors! Practice has been mainly indoors and feels like a sauna. The humidity does not help either. Signing off today!

8/25 Thursday
In the past 5 days I have seen a lot of positive change in my overall well-being. My top three changes include: IMG_0921.jpg

  1. Eating Habits
    If anyone knows me at all – they know I love food. I am always eating. It can be a good thing because if I am eating, I cannot say the wrong thing as I have food in my mouth.
  2. Personal and Professional Pace
    My normal speed is to go – go – GO! I try to get things done quickly and want to check everything off my list. While sometimes this can be a strength, I have learned to slow down. To take more time to do everything with intention. While I feel like I am slowing down, it is helping more to be accurate and not have to do things twice.
  3. Physical and Mental Strength
    Prior to YTT, I felt very dissatisfied with myself. No matter what I did, it was not enough. I was not training hard enough, fit enough etc etc. A lot of negative self talk. With yoga, self acceptance has helped me to gain back back confidence and has reminded me to love myself. To take care of me before trying to do so much.

5:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class
red. ants. everywhere.
Today, class was outdoors and while I do love Ala Moana Beach Park – I was very distracted by all the red fire arts running around my mat. I did my best to ignore them and to focus on my practice. In class, Laura Mary spoke about sometimes, when we ask a question, we already know the answer. She gave the example about asking the doctor about her ankle and if she would be able to run. The doctor said no, and she already had a feeling that it would be t

8/26 Friday
6:30PM – Laura Mary’s Class

Fridays are always so fun. Mix positive energy, music and flow and you get the best yoga class ever. It was great seeing everyone in class – everyone smiling and excited to work out! We practiced a flow today that was similar to Tuesday. Lots of calf strengthening. My favorite was we had time to practice inversions and arm balances. Hurdler’s pose – I’m coming for you!

Laura Mary worked her wisdom as always and explained how we should practice not just on the mat but off the mat and it can make a world of difference. I was really able to relate to this as I am participating in YTT, and we have to be aware of how everything ties together. I left feeling like I was on cloud nine. I cannot wait to do this again tomorrow!

8/28 Sunday
6:00PM – Derek’s Class
Derek is baaaacccck! What does this mean? A major sweat session. The theme was a focus on the glutes. Boy was I sore but I loved it. After class we meditated and I felt super distracted. I think this week I will try to meditate more – in small time slots so I can practice.

One thought on “YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Week 2

  1. augustophoto says:

    I would meditate with you, but I tend to fall asleep.

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