Making Space
Today’s intention is to make more space for me.
It has been quite a weekend. Everyone is busy – and I get it. There are times where I feel that I give so much of my time and consideration to others and in the end, it is not reciprocated. My parents taught me to never expect anything back when you do/give something for others. I try my hardest to remember and practice this way of thinking. However, when I do bend over backwards for some, especially family, expressing gratitude means a lot to me. Right now, I feel torn, upset and disappointed.

A recipe for disaster:
Taught to please others + do everything in my power to make people happy + not expecting anything in return = resentment and anger

In the end, I know I deserve to be happy and it all starts with me. I am the only person that can change me. Identifying the problems are easy, but finding a solution is what matters.  The solution: Put my own well being as a priority by giving myself the opportunity to care for my own health + happiness.

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