Miso Hungry!

Every year, hundreds of people make resolutions. Most of them health related from lose weight, exercising more, etc. I plan to make those types of resolutions but on top of that, I plan to go on a cash diet. Starting today. Yes, it is almost the end of January and it is late to start a resolution like this but I want to really prove you can be healthy on a budget.

One of my favorite soups to make that is filling for your tummy and wallet is miso soup. I bought a majority of my ingredients at Marukai and it cost all under $20. The recipe below only uses a portion of the miso, one packet of dashi which means you can make more than one pot of soup. Cash money baby!

5 Cups of water
1 tablespoon ginger-root, peeled and minced
4 Table spoons for white miso
1 pack of seaweed dashi
2 cups of mushrooms (chopped and cubed)
3 cups of spinach/kale
14 oz of soft tofu (chopped and cubed)


  • Heat water till it boils
  • When the water comes to a consistent boil, add the ginger, miso and dashi
  • Add the mushrooms, spinach/kale, tofu and cook for about 7 minutes
  • Pour into a bowl to cool for 1-2 minutes, then enjoy!

Nutrition Facts
Number of servings (yield): 5  Nutrition (per serving): 45 cal

One thought on “Miso Hungry!

  1. Loraine Koenig says:

    Yum! I’m totally going to make this!

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