Have Fun & Get It Done

Who doesn’t like having fun? I know I do. Maybe too much fun…

A couple weeks ago I attended a class at Happiness U. Guest speaker Jenee Dana spoke about how to Have Fun & Get It Done: Stop Struggling with Time Management and Start Living. This class was recommended to me by Melissa Chang. Melissa has always been helpful suggesting great classes to help on life improvement. I was excited to take this class as one of my 2014 resolutions was to be more open and try new things.

I found the class to be fun and made me think in a different way. I always felt that I was organized, made time for others, and had a pretty balanced life. When I went through the exercises in class and wrote down some of my answers, it made me reflect. I read what I wrote. I read it again. Did I really feel this way or did I write this because I thought it was the “right” answer, and looked good on paper? You would think when asked “When you hear the word time management, how does it make you feel?” I could come up with a simple answer.

I’m always looking for the “right” answer and it holds me back on what I really think and how I really feel. The series of questions led up to asking: How do you want to feel in 2-3 years from now? Imagine the perfect day, what would it be like? What are your priorities? Do your priorities align with how you want to feel? All great questions I never thought to ask myself.

I wrote down all the questions and answered them the best that I could. Today, I reread them and made some adjustments. My plan is to review my list of goals and priorities often to keep on track. I made a list of how I honestly felt. It seemed a little selfish but realized trying to please others would never make me happy, could cause me to feel resentment which would not make the other person happy either. In the end, I chose me. To take care of what I need first. Kind of like when the airlines tell you about the oxygen mask. Put your mask on first and then help others. I tell my friends this advice all the time but it is about time that I follow it!

One of the best take aways from this class was my accountability partner. We were all paired up with someone to work with and express our goals. My partner has been wonderful and with her support and this class, it has empowered me to prioritize what I want and how I spend more time. I have had a lot more fun in these past weeks and hope to keep this up!

If you have questions or just even curious about a class like this, I would recommend attending a class and checking it out! Don’t hesitate, just do it. Life is too short  and precious to waste!

For more information on classes, visit:  http://www.yourhappinessu.com/
Thank you again Jenee for speaking to us and Alice Inoue for hosting the class at Happiness U. My 2014 is off to a great start because of you two!

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