2013 Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

On November 17, I was able to cross one more thing off my list. I ran my first half marathon! Many people take weeks and even months to train for a half marathon. I myself did some training but not as much as my running partners. I love to run – but mainly short runs. I have been told that when you run anything more than a 5K, the challenge is not physical, it is mental. During the run, at mile 10 mark, I thought, hey, this is not too bad. The last 3.1 miles seemed like forever though. I was lucky to run with my friend Courtney who kept me distracted about the length of time. Below are some more tips I would like to share for anyone else considering running a half marathon.

Tips when running a half marathon (13.1):

  1. Train. There are a lot of free running plans to help train for a half marathon. Runkeeper is a good app, and it is free!
  2. Hydrate! It is so important to keep your body filled with some good ol’ H20. Water is your best friend for almost any race. I think I drank about 4 liters before the race.
  3. Eat light. One of my biggest mistakes was eating a box of Triscuits before the race. When I get nervous, I eat. A lot. (I also ate a Cliff bar, an energy bar and a banana before we crossed the start line.)
  4. Stay on cycle. If you have ever read “If you give a mouse a cookie..” this will make sense. If you keep super hydrated and eat light, you might have train your body when to make nature’s call. I did not train for this and throughout the excessive eating and drinking (water), I ended up peeing 5 times before the race. For future, I will make sure to train my body so I will know when I need to go.
  5. Stay fashionable. I think a large part of what motivated me to keep going during the half marathon was that I wanted to look good in my running gear. No one wants to see super cute Lulu on someone who is limping!
  6. Have fun. Life has enough challenges, enjoy each moment. Some people race to be first, some compete with themselves, for this race, my goal was to finish.

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For more info on the race, visit:  http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/las-vegas

For more photos check it out here: https://plus.google.com/photos/108414030906803845751/albums/5950432071503874881?authkey=CIe6h9b-4dPm2QE

6 thoughts on “2013 Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

  1. Good job Jenn! So proud of you!!!

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