@s4xton was kind enough to share with me some Minnesota love with me the other week. wholeme. is a company that makes treats that are grain free. Quick note: A lot of their bars and cereals are made with nuts.

dateme: A pecan and date bar that is fabulously delicious. Enough said. To elaborate, this bar has a soft yet crunchy texture thanks to the pecans. It has a hint of sweetness that makes you wanting more. The name of this bar is quite clever as well. I posted this photo on Facebook and got a lot of interesting comments! No I am not trying to date someone – lol!

2013-08-21 09.28.48

eatme: coconut + nuts + honey = YES PLEASE! This mix was one of my favs as I love all things coconut. I could not get enough and tried to ration the bag for 3 days. This blend is very addicting and can be eaten in the morning as cereal or add coconut milk and voila, healthy dessert! (I added the blueberries in the photo below. I think you can add any fruit with this mix and it would be bomb.com!)

2013-08-20 08.50.59

wakeme: The carob nib and espresso bar is perfect for a quick pick me up. I snacked on this after my morning bootcamp work out and it was the best recovery snack. It tastes delicious and at 289 calories, you cannot go wrong!

2013-08-20 14.47.51-2

Currently, they are sold in various health and fitness stores in Minnesota. They also sell their products online AND ship to Hawaii. These are great for gifts or even if you want to treat yourself to something yummy and healthy. Check them out: http://www.wholeme.com

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