Fun Friday – Fit Test

I joined Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp in late November of last year. Never did I think in a million years that I would join a bootcamp class let alone be passionate about spreading the word how addicting it can be. At first, I always was looking forward to class – and during class I would wonder to myself, “What am I a thinking?” I always felt that I was not going to make it through class. However I always loved the feeling of when I completed class. The sense of accomplishment.

Fast forward to today, it has been six months since I have joined and I am still loving it. My mindset has changed and I wish I could stay for more classes. Each day I feel excited to eat clean, rest early, and train all over again.

Today, we had a fit test for Fun Friday. In 2 minutes we tried to push ourselves to do as many burpees, push ups, and sit ups as we could. My numbers are below:
50 Burpees
28 Push Ups (Not the girly kine)
30 Sit Ups

I totally recommend you come try it out – every Saturday they offer a FREE beach bootcamp. Details below:

Ala Moana Beach:
Saturday @ 7am
(meet at lifeguard stand # 1D)


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