2013 Oscars – Amazing night!

Ahh the Oscars – the night to give excellence for cinematic achievement. Normally I am not one to tube in front of the TV for an award show but knowing that Les Mis was nominated for several awards got me hooked! Below are some of my personal highlights:

As a fashion fanatic, I loved seeing all the beautiful gowns that flowed on to the red carpet. I thought it was kind of funny how many of the men were sporting a beard. I guess L.A. is pretty cold now and they are trying to keeping warm. Charlize Theron really rocked that sexy pixie cut – it makes me want to cut my hair super short! Watch out Sheryl! I might be coming in for another hair cut! Color too!

Anne Hathaway: Congrats to Anne for winning Actress in a Supporting Role. She is one of my favorite actresses and her performance in Les Miserables was unforgettable.

I think the BEST performance was when the cast of Les Miserables sang, “One Day More”.
Hugh Jackman is sooooo dreamy!!!!! SWOON! Seriously such ana 
amazing actor and did an amazing job getting into your heart and making you feel how he felt. LOVE HIM!   


Other amazing performances include, Dream Girls, Chicago, Adele, Nora Jones, and of course Barbara Streisand.

Adele: Congrats to Adele for winning music and lyrics for “Skyfall”. I love Adele, she is an amazing singer and tonight was no different! I am not the biggest 007 fan, but listening to her song makes me kind of want to watch the film! Her make up and dress were so beautiful!!!

Nora Jones: Isn’t she just the cutest? She looked gorgeous and the whole looks definitely fit with the song she sang, ”


There were  couple of movies that I was not able to see in theaters, one being Life of Pi and Anna Karenina. Hoping to rent it soon! Have you guys seen these films? Any thoughts?

What was YOUR favorite part of the Oscars? Any favorite movie? Actor/Actress?
#Oscars2013 #TheAcademy

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