A wedding reception, birthday party and a diet.

This weekend I learned a pretty big life lesson – trying to please everyone will not please anyone at all.
Yes, of course I have been told this to me numerous amounts of times and of course I have told myself Jenn, one day, saying yes to everything will come back and haunt you.

Well – karma decided to work its magic this weekend, I had my nieces first birthday to attend to along with a friend’s wedding reception. Before discussing my plans with the other half, I had told both people that I would be able to attend. I looked at my gmail calendar and thought yes I can attend two events in one night. If Superman, Spiderman and Batman can all attend more than one event in one night, fight crime, so can I (with out fighting crime)!

As I arrived at the first event, it was running late – uh oh…I swear the invitation said 3PM.

I decided to make the best of it and stayed as long as I could until I had to jet off to the wedding reception. I wasn’t even dressed up yet and I had to take time in between to straighten my hair, get my brows done- and ZOOM – we were off to the next event. I texted my cousin as I left the party and when she responded, my heart broke. I felt horrible that I left a family function that was once in a lifetime to go to another event. But at that same time I felt like I couldn’t miss my friend’s reception – after all, people only get married once, right?

When I arrived to see the bride and groom they looked fabulous – everyone did. As I sat down to talk to a couple of my friends, they asked what I did earlier in the day I told them about the party. “Why did you leave? It’s your family!” said one friend. “They would understand if you had family stuff!” said another. SIGH. I felt guilty. I knew I had to go back to my cousin’s party – but I was at a reception. How was I going to make this tough choice? In the end, I knew that I had to be with my family – because family comes first right? After mingling for about 45 minutes or so I told the bride and groom I had to go, they seemed a bit disappointed but I hope they understood.

My cousin’s creations for Alex’s first birthday!

We whisked away back to my cousins house and things seemed to still be going, kids running a muck and my family trying to pack up the food and sweets. I started to help clean when my cousin kept insisting that I try the cake, macaroons, salad etc etc. (Side note: in a Chinese household you cannot say “no” when someone is putting food on your plate.) I started to eat till I was about to burst then started packing the rest of the food up in to-go boxes.

While I was cleaning up and packing, I thought to myself, I know I made the right decision to come back, family is family, but I also felt that with all the food I ate, I need to go on a diet too! I started the paleo diet this week.
So far it is day 3 and I have cheated 2 times. On day 2, I wasn’t feeling 100% and had chicken noodle soup and today I had a Subway sandwich. It is only the beginning as I know this is not a fad diet, but rather a lifestyle change.

The time I took cleaning up at my cousins made me think I need to re-prioritize and clean up my own life before trying to be in everyone else. Family and friends, thanks for putting up with my crazy schedule! xoxo

One thought on “A wedding reception, birthday party and a diet.

  1. ayoungfoodie says:

    All that baking makes me hungry. Keep up with the interesting posting. A thumbs-up from a fellow foodie! ~ Ayoungfoodie.wordpress.com

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