How to Side Crow – jlieu style!

One thing on my bucket list is to be able to master side crow correctly. Side crow is an arm balance yoga pose. It looks pretty simple, but it is all about arms and abs. Below are some steps from Fit Sugar.

  • Begin squatting down on your mat with your knees and feet together. Rotate your torso to the left and place both palms flat on the ground, shoulder width apart. They should be perpendicular to your thighs.
  • Spread your fingers as wide as you can and begin to shift to the left, putting some of your weight into your hands. Your outer left knee is going to rest on your right elbow and your outer left thigh (close to your hip) is going to rest on your left elbow. Think of your arms as the legs of a table, and your left thigh is the tabletop.
  • Try to keep your knees together as you shift all your weight into your hands and slowly lift your feet off the floor.
  • It’s OK if you lose your balance and fall over. Just keep trying until eventually you can hold this pose for five even breaths.
  • Then lower your feet back to the floor. Rotate your torso over to the left, place your palms on the ground, and try this pose on the right side.

Lululemon’s “how to side crow”

Jenn’s version:

It’s okay, go ahead and laugh. Even though I have not mastered this pose yet – I am going to keep on trying!

3 thoughts on “How to Side Crow – jlieu style!

  1. Malcolm B says:

    We will just call that a before. I look forward to seeing the after video! 😀

  2. Rob Logan says:

    Hey Jenn! Yeah, that side crow thing does not look easy. But you’ll get it eventually. Hope all is well with you. : )

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