I hate going to the doctor!

Im sick. I will finally admit it, after being sick for about 2 weeks, yes I am sick. I am recovering and many of my friends and family have encouraged me to see a doctor. My mother says that if I saw a doctor and had my illness treated right away I might have been better in time to run the Great Aloha Run. (And yes, my mother is right).

Honestly, I find that going to the doctor, while can be helpful, the ROI is not always there for me. The Chinese in me find that going to see a doctor sometimes costs MORE than just perhaps waiting it out and letting my body naturally recover! Maybe I am seeing the wrong doctor. Below is a typical scenario when I do go see a physician:

  1. You make an appointment and usually they put you on hold for about 10 minutes to see if they have an opening
  2. You finally go to the doctor, which has to be a on a weekday so you have to take time off from work – which means you have to go on your lunch break
  3. As you drive to your appointment during lunch, there is traffic and even if you get to your appointment early, you STILL have to wait!
  4. Then you finally see the doctor and it takes them less than 15 minutes to asses your illness and writes a prescription
  5. You leave the doctor’s office and the nurse only validates your parking for an hour, and by now, you have to still pay at the booth because you have waiting well over an hour for your appointment that only took 15 minutes.
  6. You then have to go to fill your prescription which is another trip and you are spending more money! (and by now you are over your lunch period)
  7. Finally when you get back to work, your boss looks at you like you have been on a 2 hour lunch break and in actuality, you feel like a chicken with its head cut off because you dont want to be late from your lunch break!

    Writing this all out really makes me NOT want to call the doctor and go through all of this, but in the end, I know my health is at risk and I need to get better asap! Thanks for reading my crazy rant on why I despise seeing a doctor! Wishing everyone good health!

3 thoughts on “I hate going to the doctor!

  1. kyleepuu says:

    I wonder if my old GP Dr. Robert Kagawa takes UHA… ask @therealkawano and @mikemouse … He’s fast, you NEVER wait, his specialty is sports medecine and he doesn’t BS you. He’s in the central medical building. I was sad to have to switch when I went to Kaiser. Check um out.

  2. Logan says:

    But what’s the cost of being hospitalized because you didn’t take care of it earlier? Don’t you have a good medical plan??? What’s your dr’s visit copay? Or your Rx copay? Your health is worth every penny! And just go to Urgent Care after hours if you can’t take off work. I have to take off the ENTIRE DAY to go to the dr!!!!

  3. Malcolm says:

    If you were working for me, I would send you home until you feel better. Sick people are less productive and get other people sick. So I believe in going to the doctor. Feel better soon!

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