Blogging Tips

I would like to first state that I do not consider myself a blogger, rather someone who is interested in improving their writing skills and to try and develop content daily to keep up my 2012 resolution of blogging more. I personally do not have any blogging advice (please don’t stop reading here) – but I know people who do!

I was reading @capsun‘s blog about 10 mistakes that could be killing your blog and I think I unfortunately am one of them. I do not post too frequent and the more I think about it, I would like to hone in on a specific subject.

When I read @sarakata‘s blog, it really inspired me to want to cook again along with just finding my passion.

I know I am very passionate about many things, but perhaps that is what is hindering me and my writing. I think I try to make everything very formal and thought out but I am finding out more that it is about the journey and writing can be a GREAT stress relief.

My goal, to find my passion and rejuvenate myself for myself. As for the topic/subject for my blog, it is going to be the journey to find it.

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