EAT Honolulu

REASON FOR GOING: I love coming here for my work lunch dates! This place is only open to the public on weekdays. Weekends I think they still cater, but the restaurant side is not open. EAT is a perfect name for this restaurant as I love to eat, and when I come here- I want to eat everything!

SERVICE: As far as the service goes, it is okay. This would have been a five star review however I feel that sometimes, service can be slow. I’ve order coffee from here and had to wait 15 minutes. It would be one thing if there were tons of people in line but it was only myself. I look past that thinking that it may have been a rare instance.

Today though, I gave my order to the cashier, I asked for the mac n cheese, house salad, and coconut water. When she repeated my order she forgot the coconut water. I told her again but she must have not heard me. I thought to myself it is okay, it was not meant to be as I dont think it was a necessary purchase.

When we ordered the cheesecake for dessert, the same cashier asked did you want it now, and I said, yes please. We waited for a bit, and no one else is eating at the restaurant (we were there about 11AM). After 10 minutes passed i started to walk up and she saw me, darted to get the cheesecake ready.

This cashier has always been nice but I think she just might have a lot on her mind.

SELECTION + PRICE: The menu changes by season but is always filled with interesting and delicious parings. Today I had the mac n cheese which was AMAZING and for dessert I had the lemon basil cheesecake from Otto cake. everything was good! I cannot stop thinking about the cheesecake though, it is light fluffy yet has a flavorful crust! MMMmmm!!!

VALUE: Eat offers a nice atmosphere- away from the office. The food is really delicious and is good to go for a work meeting and these people even cater!

560 N Nimitz Hwy
Ste 102
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 538-0597

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