Sakura Terrace Japanese Cafe

REASON FOR GOING: I came here with my girlfriend for a casual Girl’s Night Out. After reading a review from Non-Stop Honolulu- it was on my list to try!

SERVICE: We came on a Thursday around 6PM and the restaurant was very empty.
It seemed a bit overstaffed since we only saw about 3-4 other people in the restaurant.

SELECTION + PRICE: There was a whole ikura section- which as most of my friends know- I AM IN LOVE! There are variations from ikura an salmon sashimi to ikura and unagi and the list goes on.

VALUE: This place offers a great value as the prices range from about $14-$23 depending on what you order. I went to another sushi place the other day and while I love sushi, for 2 orders of nigiri and one roll, the total was $22 something. At Sakura Terrace, you can have a WHOLE donburi for about $14. The fish is fresh and delicious, ample parking- you cannot go wrong!

I cannot wait to come back again!!!


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