Law Lunch: CAN-SPAM Act by Ryan Hew

REASON FOR GOING:  I attended the Law Lunch: CAN-SPAM Act by Ryan Hew and he spoke about the following:

What does CAN-SPAM Act actually Cover?
What are the Consequences for Not Complying?
What are the Requirements of the Law?
Discussion of Court Decision that Applied the CAN-SPAM Act to Social Media

As an active social media and marketing person I thought that this was quite helpful on understand how to market to others via e-commerce while abiding the law.

I know many people hate “SPAM”, myself included and after attending this workshop it help clarify and define what SPAM is and how the CAN-SPAM act help protects companies and consumers.

SERVICE: The Green House crew is amazing, I love their hospitality and their whole way of thinking.

SELECTION + PRICE: They offer learning labs and shared work spaces, and best of all the opportunity to network and meet more brilliant people!

VALUE: This place is like cheers where everyone knows your name for the most part and it is about spreading ideas and aloha which I love!

I look forward to more events hosted by Green House and for more info, check out their calendar here:

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