Licious Dishes- Part 2

REASON FOR GOING:  Dole really has limited places for good, healthy eats.
I love vegan/ vegetarian food so this place really hits the spot.

SERVICE: They prepare raw vegan gourmet meals using high quality, local organic ingredients. Sometimes though, the employees are not very attentive and can be more reactive. Otherwise, once they start helping, they are nice!

SELECTION + PRICE: Sylvia, the owner always has a good variety of dishes from Spanish rice, spreads, lasagna,  mock cucumber fettuccine, pad thai- all delicious.
Today I tasted the lasagna for the first time and I was shocked on how flavorful it was and how it did not need to be heated up.

If you order her pre-packaged meal plans, your meal will come in a plastic bag that lists all the ingredients and a how to  prepare the meal.

The cucumbers mixed with the tomatoes are my favorite!

VALUE: I think that place really combines quality and quantity. Some people might think they cannot get full from just veggies- but you really can! They also have desserts that are gluten free!

For more information, please see here http://www.e-liciousdi…/

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