when life hands you lemons…

…go to Lemonade Alley! On Saturday I attended Lemonade Alley’s main competition event. Lemonade Alley is a competition for kids K-12 to gain “real life” entrepreneurship experience. The kids are given the opportunity to write and implement their business plan for a successful lemonade stand.

I attended the event at 8AM sharp and everyone was still setting up and prepping. It was exciting to see kids and parents trying to put the finishing touches on their handmade booths! My first impression was that everyone spent a lot of time and put a lot of heart. I’m so glad I was not a judge as I would want EVERYONE to win!

As a marketing person, I wanted to see how these kids would advertise and draw customers. (They were ALL super enthused and it made it hard for me to say no to cute kids with ambition!)  I saw everything from the “Costco sample” tactic, some would serenade you, others would dance for you, and some would just be blunt ans say “buy our stuff, it is the best!”.

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I thought out of all the stands there were two that really stood out for taste and originality. Pucker Face has a GREAT concept of serving berry blended lemonade and the ice cubes had frozen fruit in it. The fruit taste help bring out sweetness in the drink and I felt that a lot of thought was given to the overall look and feel of the stand.

The second favorite was Serenade and Lemonade, and the concept was a 1940s bar look and feel. The boys were dressed in black collared shirts and slacks with fedoras. There was a guy playing the piano while others were singing along. They had several lemonade options. I tried to lilikoi lemonade as one of the guys mentioned he had to hike to North Shore to get the fresh fruits. I asked him why it differed from other lilikoi lemonades that I tried and he said that he would extract the lilikoi fruit nectar and then separate the seeds which was a two hour process. Then it took another hour and a half to combine the lilikoi and lemonade together. In the end- it was GREAT!!! I would go back for more than one or two cups!

I think because I tried to support everyone, I ended up spending fifty dollars trying over 10 cups of lemonade resulting in a very full bladder!
It was all worth it as the money collected went to Boy Scouts of Hawai‘i and Boys & Girls Club of Hawai‘i.

An added bonus about this whole event is Roberts Hawaii helped sponsor shuttles throughout Waikiki to help bring in tourists/APEC guests to come to the event.

All the sponsors did a great job!
Aloun Farms
Chop Chop Media
Creative Office CMYK Hawaii
ING Direct
Lex Brodies
OK Farms
Hawaii Balloon Express

Menehune Water
Roberts Hawaii*
Sirius Computer Solutions
Visitor Video
Whole Foods

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2 thoughts on “when life hands you lemons…

  1. Right Foot says:

    Glad you have returned to blogging.

  2. kyleepuu says:

    Looks like fun! Lilikoi lemonade sounds amazing 🙂

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