ipad vs mac book air

5 Facts:

  1. I love to type
  2. I am faster typing on a keyboard than with a touch screen
  3. I am always on the go and looking for a portable mobile device to take with me to work travel etc etc.
  4. I need word/ excel/ and e-mail
  5. I am buying an iphone today

From this list I am sure I sound like a PC person which I am by day. I have been debating for a while now about purchasing an ipad, and at first it was the price. It was out of my budget and after more consideration, I thought, would I really need something just for surfing the web and reading etc? I usually am checking email, blogging, twittering etc. I am reaching out to my fabulous tech friends and apple lovers everywhere- what should I get, an ipad or mac book air?

(And no, I will not be able to afford both)

Ipad: $599.00

Smart Cover: $39.00

Wireless Keyboard: $69.00

TOTAL: $707.00

Mac Book Air: (13 inch, 256GB) $1,599.00
Apple Care: $249.00

Software (Microsoft Office) $199.00

TOTAL: $2,047.00

I look forward to hearing your thoughts as I am trying very hard to save money!! This is something that I would invest into though!  Thank you in advance!

10 thoughts on “ipad vs mac book air

  1. joannie says:

    i was in the same boat a few months ago. i ended up getting a 13 inch macbook pro – powerful machine for a good price (compared to ipad or air). very happy with it. not as light and mobile, but i carry a sturdy backpack so when i do bring the computer out i am not straining my back. if you were only looking at the ipad or air, i would go with the air because hey the ipad is like another version of the iphone and sometimes you do want to have a desktop on your computer, traditional folders, and other features of a “regular computer.” not tech savvy in my terms but i hope you understand what i mean. i would think excel and word are easier to work with on the air too.

    • joannie says:

      p.s. your ipad pricing didn’t include a word and numbers app. plus the smart cover is only for the screen, you may end up buying something else (or re-using a bag you have) to fit your ipad (and keyboard) in for full protection. also to consider is a stylus. accessories do add up though.

  2. i think you should get the Air, if you’re gonna do word processing stuff!!!!!

  3. I still prefer the Air, after using both for extended periods of time. I didn’t realize you were going to get the 13-inch; I have the 11, so the prices were closer.

    You can definitely do content creation on the iPad. I’ve actually done it. It’s OK, but it’s not quite as fast nor as powerful as being able to do it on the AIr where you can do multiple things at once.

    That said, do you actually need the real version of Office? If you just need any office suite, I have a Family Pack of iWork (Apple’s version of MS Office) and you could use one of the remaining licenses. If you just want a text editor, Air comes with TextEdit for free. It’s a little beyond basic (it handles some formatting), but is not a full replacement.

    Also, I have an original iPad if you’d like to try that out. I used to have the keyboard, but gave it to my sister since buying my Air. Of course, take everything I say with a grain of salt. My legendary Chinese-cheapskate ways seem to evaporate when it comes to Apple products. 🙂

  4. Chris H. says:

    The iPad is a fun toy, and perfect if what you do most of the time is consume content. That is, browse the web, read books, watch videos, play games, etc. If you’re creating content, it falls short.

    It sounds like you need a computer for work and play, so I would recommend the MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro if you don’t mind the slight extra weight. I would also recommend that you look into the iWork software instead of Microsoft Office. That software can save documents in MS Office compatible formats, and I bet you’ll find it much easier to use, particularly the presentation software (Keynote) will be a breath of fresh air compared to Powerpoint.

    The only drawbacks to the MacBook Air are: limited storage space (no huge video files, etc), no optical drive (if you want to play DVD’s you have to have an accessory), underpowered compared to the Pro line. However if being light & portable is your #1 consideration, the Air wins!

  5. John connoe says:

    Wow, you might have great website. I had added anyone to my blogroll. Go on your site again

  6. Daniel says:

    notepad – $1.50
    pen – $1.50

    Booom, old school. if you need presentations just draw pictures on the notepad hahaha

  7. @Parkrat & I have had numerous discussions about this. He feels that for what we do at OUR job, I need an iPad. And on some level, he’s correct. But at the very end of the day, if I can only have one device, he agrees that having a laptop is what I NEED, and an iPad is nice to have when the money is available. Especially since the iPhone is adequate for most of my low-powered needs.

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