Evolve and Thirve

[ev-uh-loo-shuhn or, especially Brit., ee-vuh-]
(noun) any process of formation or growth; development

[verb (used without object)] to grow or develop vigorously; flourish

It has been over a month since I have last written. There has been a lot of change in my life in such a short amount of time which has inspired me to write this evening. It is pretty late, so I would like to apologize in advance for spelling/grammatical errors.

The 411
I have joined the Roberts Hawaii Marketing Department, spending time with family and friends, and of course, working on my fitness. As I grow older, it has become apparent that time goes by faster, and one needs will receive more responsibility, with less time. One needs to be able to prioritize their personal and professional life and no matter what, they are never balanced 50/50.

Currently my career is the biggest change and is the biggest opportunity for me to learn and grow. I love everyday that I am there because of the work that I do and the people who I work with! As time goes on, I begin to understand what my friend Carole meant when she said, “Everyone is on their own evolution in life.”

Recently I spent time with @LinhChic and she helped me think about life, and my perspectives and priorities. Sometimes, I try to make others happy first before myself, and while my intentions are good, it does not help anyone if I do not help myself first. Also the way one says things can really affect the person receiving the information. For example, to be conscious on how we use the word “I”. We use the word “I” to describe our thoughts and feelings but if we are looking to find out about someone else, we need to make it about the other person using “you”. Ask questions. This seems so simple but sometimes we need a reminder*

The five pillars of life are listed below and that throughout life, the pillars shift in priority and that not all 5 will be equal.
(The list below is not in any particular order)

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Health
4. Religion/ Spirituality
5. Career

My Evolution
After speaking with my wise friends and absorbing the new knowledge learned, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Some things I would like to improve upon are the following:

1. Prioritizing: This is a three-part task as I am going to try to juggle my personal and professional life better.

  • I am a workaholic by nature and I want to get everything done in one day- but I think if I am to focus on each task separately and take my time, I will do things faster and accurately.
  • Regarding my personal life,  I want to spend time with everyone and while that is impossible, I want to make an effort to attend big momentous occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc.
  • Finally, I want to focus on my health and fitness. This will require me to train and focus my “free” time on working out and planning out my meals. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by November. This can be attainable if I put effort into it.

2. Patience: I have always been trying to work on my patience, and I need to come up with a game plan. Perhaps yoga would make me more calm to reduce my stress and anxiety which causes my lack of patience. (advice anyone?)

3. Appreciation/ Gratitude: starting today, I am going to take time to thank the people who are in my life. Everyone has their purpose and teaches something about you (weather you know it or not!) I want to be more open and understanding, and I think the first step to do this is to recognize it and to place it in your consciousness.

“It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short-term and the long-term for both yourself and others will come.” Dalai Lama

*Special thank you to my family and friends who keep me positive, and support me in all that I do!
*Thank you to #TeamPositive for always making my day!

Below is the video/song that is on repeat. Remembering to live life, appreciate all that you have, and of course, wear sunscreen!

2 thoughts on “Evolve and Thirve

  1. kyleepuu says:

    Awesome post! You still had great energy early this morning to work out after staying up late to write this!! Amazing 🙂

  2. @angelakeen says:

    I love this blog! It is so incredibly inspiring. For me personally. I’ve heard the speach/video once a very long time ago. I was in a different state of mind.
    It was an awesome “refresher”!
    Mahalo for the inspiration!

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