Aloha & Welcome Back!

For all those that read/subscribe to my blog, I would like to apologize for the delay and lag in entries. It has been a while since my last entry for a couple of reasons: (for those who happen to have stumble upon this awesome blog, and just so happen to read this entry, I promise it will be more interesting please keep reading!)

1.    Work. Enough said. We are planning for a special event that is happening in a couple of weeks, and now it is down to the wire. Now that work has been mentioned, I will need to plug that for all those looking for the perfect diamond, we have it at The Wedding Ring Shop! June 24th-June 26th, THREE DAYS ONLY!*

2.    The last three weeks, I have been busy on a family “vacation.”
I use quotes, as I the word vacation would imply that I would be relaxing when in reality, it was everything but that.

3.    Plain and simple, it has been busy.
Anyone who writes a blog, works, goes to school, has a family, being human, understand that life gets this way. I try as hard as I can to write daily. Many of my peers and colleagues write for a living,(and do it well!) I would like to give them credit, as I have been quite behind!

As some may know, for the last three weeks, I have been traveling on the East Coast. Throughout these three weeks, I have learned quite about me, my family, and reasons why Hawaii is one of the best places to live.
First, I realize that no matter what, I will always be me, and you will always be you. There is no changing that. It is important to understand that everyone is different and each person holds great strengths, yet is human and will make mistakes. The goal is to minimize the mistakes and to always make new ones.

This paragraph is really a note for me to remember to be compassionate, patient and forgiving. I am not sure if the first three sentences in this paragraph are even relevant.

The note for myself leads into my next topic about family. Ever notice that even as an adult, your parents, aunts/uncles, and cousins will always remember you as a certain age, and in their mind, you will always be six, or if you are lucky, 16. It does not matter if you graduate from an elite college, or if you are working professionally, or get married, or have kids of your own…some how, you never “really” grow up.*

My little brother graduated this weekend. He is the most handsome, smart, funny and amazing people in my life and I am so lucky that he is my little brother. My fondest memory is when my brother wanted me to watch Animaniacs with him each weekday afternoon over some fried noodles. Another fun time is when he and I went to Kahala Theatres to watch Pokemon and I fell sleep! I really miss those days. I am so proud of Michael for the man that he is and wish him the best in his future. He is one of the smartest people I know, and one of the kindest. (I guess it just runs in the family- just joking!)

*Just in case you are wondering, only one applies to me, one applies to my brother and the last two were told to me by friends. I did graduate, but not from an elite college.

Finally, reasons why Hawaii is the BEST place to live! I have spent three weeks on the mainland, and from these three weeks, I have been able to compare and contrast the following:

1.    People
a.    Boston
PRO: Quick, fast paced (which is great for lines in Starbucks) strong opinions, to the point.
CON: Many “locals” depending where you are surprised that Asians can speak English.
People can be impatient    and pushy
b.    Hawaii
PRO: Everyone is generally friendly and do not have ill intents.
CON: Hawaiian Time- enough said.

2.    Food
a.    Boston: Amazing ranges from European cuisine such as Italian, French (my favs) to
Mexican/ Spanish  influenced dishes! I love the food here, and the seafood here is BOMB! Lobster Heaven!

b.    Hawaii: I love the food in Hawaii too! Traditional Asian, Fusion, and local dishes are unique to
Hawaii served with aloha!  Something you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

3.    Weather
a.    Boston
PRO: Four seasons and it snows!
CON: It Snows… like 15 FT of snow and when we were visiting, so was a tornado!

b.    Hawaii
PRO: Great weather here all year round! I can run in the middle of “winter”
CON: We are prone to tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

4 thoughts on “Aloha & Welcome Back!

  1. kyleepuu says:

    ditto! I missed you!!

  2. Daniel says:

    if you know about hawaii time then whenever someone tells you meet at a certain time just show up half an hour later, then it wont bother you haha

  3. Right Foot says:

    Anamaniacs! You do remind me of Dot. Congrats to your brother, it’s a huge life milestone.

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