24 Hours

I believe that there are 24 usable hours in a day! For most, 8 hours of the day is dedicated to sleep and another 8 hours is given to our work/career.

What do you do with your remaining 8 hours? I really feel that we need to make the most of our day, to spend time with friends, family, and ourselves.

Today I really got off to a GREAT start:

4:00AM-5:00AM Work Out
5:00PM-6:30AM Volunteering
6:30AM-7:15AM Cooking dinner for tonight- Friday
7:15-8:00AM Get ready for work
8:30AM-5:30PM Work
6:00PM -8:30PM Lions Club Meeting

Looking at this list now is tiring but coffee is my best friend! Thank you Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for helping get through the day!

The best part about my day so far is when I was sharing my morning activities with a co-worker, he was excited for me and wanted to help volunteer too! It felt good to be able to share good news and help inspire those to do more!

How do YOU use your 8 hours?

8 thoughts on “24 Hours

  1. daniel says:

    said it once i’ll say it again 4am is too early haha. but yes free time in between work and sleep i should be more productive. usually im lazy, but im trying to do more and be producitve (exercise, do art stuff, read, photography, etc.) I still do not know how you and kyle can get up so early and be so hyper. haha. although caffeine probably does help alot haha. anyway good job jenn

    • JLieu says:

      Thanks Dan! I appreciate your comments! I think we do not think about how we spend our time and are we really doing what we want in life? We always claim not to have time… anyways, thanks! 😀 I want to see your artwork!

      • daniel says:

        i have some of my art on FB, im starting to draw more so i’ll probably be putting more up sooner or later

  2. Tod Tomasa says:

    WOW such discipline. Good job!!!

  3. rsuenaga says:

    …and after 8:30 find Kyle and I at Frost City!

  4. Right Foot says:

    I watch reruns of “Clarissa Knows All” and while I eat Cheetos. Eh.

  5. Right Foot says:

    Oops. Mean “Clarissa Explains It All.” Whenever I think of Melissa Joan Hart, I get dazed and confused.

  6. DocRock says:

    I start by only sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night, it is the global average. We americans sleep too much and wonder why we cannot learn enough. (I’ll sleep when I’m dead).

    I spend a lot of my off time re-educatiing myself. Man you just cant learn enough, it’s free most of the time but so many people spend way too much time watching mindless TV at night then complaining all over the twitterverse and facespace about how they need more $$$. Word of advise most smart people, really smart people make about 25% more $$$ than their average counterparts.

    1 Hour every morning to read, even if you got to get up earlier, and at least 15 at night to write . (Read: What is “Free Writing” and Why You Need It | In My ‘Skine http://bit.ly/dj8RGq)

    I love you Jenn 🙂

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