San Francisco: Day 4: Cindy’s Narnia Secret

Today I went to Japan town three different times. Yes. You read right… THREE TIMES!  Why you may ask? The first time, we went to Fatlace, a clothing store that @MikeSakata loves. We then went into the city and ran some errands and some how ended up in Japantown- again. We drove around sight-seeing for a bit to avoid the evening traffic, picked up Maria for dinner- which happened to be in Japantown. This dinner has to be one of the best dinner deals in town, and it is all thanks to Cindy Chen!

Mike has been telling me for a while that he wanted me to meet his friend Cindy. The first time we came to San Francisco, (a year ago) we tried to visit her at work, but it was bad timing and we just missed her. Earlier on our trip, we went to her workplace again, but her store was closed! FINALLY, tonight we all made plans to meet up for dinner.

Cindy took us to Kui Shin Bo, a cute little Japanese Restaurant that has GREAT food with AMAZING value! The menu is made up of and the BEST part of this deal is you can pick any three dish items all for $12.00! CAUTION: This is called Cindy’s Narnia Secret because Cindy is BFF with the chef.

If you do not eat with the oh-so-famous Cindy, this deal may not really exist! It is like the Chronicles of Narnia, this restaurant might really be just an abandoned empty space, but when you hang with Cindy, it comes alive with amazing deals on Japanese food!  Then again, who knows, he might offer this deal to anyone that asks, but I would not take that risk!

Kakifri (oysters in katsu breading), garlic egg noodle with chicken, and chicken tonkatsu

Ramen with BBQ pork and saba shio

Udon, Sanma Shio, and Spicy California Roll
Ikura only $2.50

Buckwheat soba (Cindy Special), hamachi head, saba shio

Japanese style curry with rice, garlic egg noodle, and hamachi head

Kui Shin Bo (aka Cindy’s Narnia Secret)
22 Peace Place
Ste 535
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 922-9575

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10 thoughts on “San Francisco: Day 4: Cindy’s Narnia Secret

  1. Lindsey (@lalalinzy) says:

    omgggg cury, fried food, ramen, soba.. all my favorite food … looks so good!!

    I miss you jen!! =)

  2. Chris H says:

    That sounds familiar, I think i’ve eaten there once before. It was with a bunch of my Japanese cousins who live in the Bay Area.

  3. Daniel says:

    so ya met cindy she’s good people and funny to hang out with. and yes that food does look really good. buy some before you come back and give it to me haha.

  4. whatsaysyou says:

    Oh my goodness, sushi and all that 🙂 That makes me crave

  5. rhtakara says:

    Looks great! I passed on to my buddy who just moved from NYC to SF and is a big time foodie. He’s also lived in Japan so knows Japanese food.

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