Lena’s Mission: POSSIBLE!

This post is inspired by two people. Lena and Justin. The two have officially turned me to adopt a vegan diet. I cannot say that I will be vegan for life, but for now yes. This all started when I decided to clean my apartment last night. I for some reason clean the best when I have company over. Conclusion: Of course I  invited Lena, Kyle and Justin to come over to my apartment and hang out. Lena recommended that we watch the documentary, “The Cove”. At first I was hesitant, as I was hoping to watch some comedy and have a good laugh or two. However, Lena is a huge animal lover and it meant a lot to her for us to watch the movie. She said it was her mission to spread awareness on what is happening…SO… here we go…

The Premise:
“The Cove exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises off the coast of Japan every year, and how their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is sold as food in Japan and other parts of Asia, often labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening.”- Takepart.com/TheCove

Below is a preview/ trailer of The Cove. Pretty crazy stuff.

Did you watch it? Did you? Okay so now you are probably thinking, where can I watch the REST of this movie?

You can check it on the following sites:

Results of the movie:
“The film has been making waves since it premiered last year. Critical praise and audience awards worldwide have focused international attention on Taiji and the annual dolphin drives off the coast of Japan. Under intense pressure, Taiji called for a temporary ban on killing bottlenose dolphins in 2009. The film, originally rejected at the Tokyo Film Festival, was eventually shown due to public outcry, and has appeared in theaters in Japan. Residents in Taiji are being tested for mercury poisoning, and for the first time Japanese media are covering the issue.

But the effort needs to continue. On September 1, the six-month dolphin hunting season opened again, and fishermen in Taiji plan to take to the cove despite international pressure. Experts say education, awareness and persistence are needed to eventually turn the tide.

1.4MM people have signed the petition to end the slaughter, but this is just the beginning. The hunt still goes on.” -Takepart.com/TheCove

Five Things You Can Do Now To Help:

  1. Write to our leaders and help get the word out in Japan
  2. Learn more about dolphins in captivity
  3. Visit our Japanese site ; ザ・コーヴ映画の日本のサイトをご覧ください。
  4. Help Save Japan Dolphins’ efforts on the frontlines
  5. Support the filmmakers with your donation

This movie was really moving! Thanks Lena for spreading the awareness! I am much more informed and I feel like I need to make better food choices! Thank you Justin for being Vegan for lent. I will have someone to always eat with! 🙂

Keep up with The Cove on Facebook and Twitter!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/takepart
Twitter: http://twitter.com/takepart


3 thoughts on “Lena’s Mission: POSSIBLE!

  1. kyleepuu says:

    The movie really made me wonder if ALL animals are crying and we just don’t hear them as clearly as dolphins, whales, cows…etc. I’m going to try baby steps as well toward an all-meat free diet although I still don’t understand the reasoning behind vegans abstaining from milk, cheese and eggs. Power to you and Justin! I’ll dine vegan with you two any day!

  2. ugggz says:

    you gotta admit….Kariel played a huge roll in this decision too!

    we should hit up The Loving Hut for some good grinds this week.

    PS…we can always have another netflix night to watch comedies for a good laugh or two =)

    Favorite part(s) of the documentary…the moments when ‘Operation 1 or 2’ appeared in subtitles. You know its about to go downnnnn!

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