Best Pick Up Line EVER!


Kyle and I are chatting together.
Drunk guy comes up to us, “Hey Kyle, do you know *Samantha that works at *Hawaiian Airlines?
Kyle responds, “Oh no, sorry, I think *Hawaiian Airlines is pretty big, so I don’t think so”
Drunk guy “Oh okay, wel lyou wouldn’t know her anyways because she moved to Australia”
Kyle and I look at each other like WTF?
Drunk guy keeps bowing and apologize for inconveniencing us.

*Names have been changed to protect the drunks

This was the situation that made Kyle and I put together a collaborative post on what NOT to do when you are drunk.

Some of my tips are:
1. Don’t forget your Facebook/ Yelp/ Twitter passwords and claim you cannot add me as a friend!
2. Slurred speech is always unattractive when drunk, what is worst… spitting while slurring!
3. Anyone who tries to eat my tater tots are on my sh*t list
4. When the guy asks if you know someone- and you say you don’t- LISTEN TO HER! She does NOT know who they are!

I want to know from you, what are some pick up lines that have or have not worked!?


12 thoughts on “Best Pick Up Line EVER!

  1. daniel says:

    if youre drunk picking someone up only works if the other person is more drunk than you and yeah spitting on somone while you talk aint gonna get you points haha. wait i ate tater tots….am i on the shit list?

  2. Mina says:

    Here’s the scenario: I come home at around 12am and I see a guy smoking in front of my apartment building. (technically it should be 20 feet away from the building, but who ever listens to Hawaii laws?)
    I try to avoid conversation (and the stench of cigarette smoke) as I rush into the elevator…only to have the guy ask me to hold the door open. I didn’t want to be rude, so I held the door, while covering my nose.

    (covering my mouth, I cough)

    Random tenant: I’m sorry, does the smoke bother you?
    Me: I’m a allergic to smoke, however I am also sick. (true on both parts, but mostly he just stank!)

    (random tenant seems really apologetic and tries to cover the stench by holding his hands over his mouth)

    *mind you, I live on the 9 flr, he was above me and yet we continue to make awkward conversation >.<)

    RT: I'm really sorry about the smoke!
    Me: That's ok, I'm also really sick.
    RT: So, are you Korean?
    Me: Yes.
    RT: Oh really, do you speak Korean?
    Me: I understand more than I can speak, but yes I do.

    **arrive at the 9th floor**

    Me: Ok, well, have a good night
    RT: Thank you, again, sorry about the smoke!
    as I step out: Me: that's ok
    RT: What was your name again?

    Me : I didn't give it you!


    Tip #1: Smoking (contrary to belief) is not sexy.
    Tip #2: Women probably won't give you their name or phone number if you look like to just got out bed.

    • JLieu says:

      LMAO!!! Good one!! No one really ever hits on me, so I dont really have these problems, I think I am the “fat ugly friend” for most my girlfriends! LOL! I make others look GREAT! πŸ˜€ No smoking indeed!

      • Mina Baek says:

        OMG shut up! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • kyleepuu says:

        I can’t believe you just said that!!! The only time men started even approaching me was when you showed up in those KILLER heels! hot! Thanks for attracting that guy, I got a bonus – spit shower. lol

    • daniel says:

      “i didnt give it to you” oooooh BURN!!!! haha you do realize he probably went home and cried himself to sleep haha

      • Mina Baek says:

        I see him every now and then around the building. So shame!! I saw him playing Angry Birds once muahahaha

  3. daniel says:

    heres on i know of

    guy: excuse me
    girl: *ignores guy*
    guy: excuse me
    girl: *ignores guy*
    guy: excuse me
    girl: *finally acknowledges politely* yes?
    guy: you dropped something
    girl: what?
    guy: you dropped my number
    girl: *turns quickly away trying to hide laughter*

    Gotta be more like – Hey girl how ya doin, you are the woman that I’m really pursuin, I would like to get to know ya, can you gimme ya name, if you jot down ya number you’ll get mine in exchange. See I’m the man of this town, and I hope you would’nt mind if I showed you around, so when you go to certain places you’ll be thinkin of me, we got people to meet and many places to see

    okay i got that from a ludacris song but you get the idea haha

  4. rhtakara says:

    No pickup lines from me but I will definitely remember not to touch your tater tots or to even consider taking a bite of your BHL bagel sammy or Yogurstory banh mi!

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