Say Sikdorak

Say it out loud. Sik—DO—rak…. Sikdorak.

I don’t know how to pronounce the name to the oh-so-delicious Korean Yakiniku place! (Even thought I have heard it pronounced a million times already.. maybe because I pronounce it so haole :P)

It’s okay because as long as you bring your appetite, good friends (such as Kyle and Melissa), and alcohol, you are in for a treat! For only $20.00 you can eat to your heart’s desire. At Sikdorak, there are several appetizer dishes such as the potato, kim chee, and the seaweed. Im a huge fan of loading up on veggies first before the meat marathon. There are a number of meats options to choose from such as short ribs, rib eye, brisket, tripe, tongue, seasoned beef, pork belly, spicy bbq pork, bbq chicken.

They have a delicious kim chee jigae that is piping hot- so a side note to others, dont just start drinking the soup when there is tons of steam coming from the bowl (rookie mistake). The veggie salad is full of flavor and the lettuce that they use to wrap the meat is fresh with a nice crisp-ness to it!  But don’t just take my word for it- go and try it for yourself!

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Sikdorak (In the Samsung Plaza)
655 Keeaumoku St
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 949-2890


5 thoughts on “Say Sikdorak

  1. Nice! Make sure the guy see your blog so they can project it on their flat screen in the restaurant!

  2. kyleepuu says:

    Melissa is hiding! haha 🙂 Great pics! Torture looking at this today…

  3. dansifer says:

    that place was good stuff i want to go back and eat up. no need veggies thats just waste money on all you can eat haha

  4. scotty808 says:

    I need to and try this place. Was there raw garlic? I loved how the guy seasoned the short ribs at Yakiniku Seoul so Im hoping he does the same.

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