Hawaii Pacific Health’s Womens 10k

Dear Right Foot,

Great job on keeping up at the Hawaii Pacific Health’s Womens 10k! Thank you for your cooperation! Now, I know that we had to give you a ton of Aleeve prior to the run, but it was all worth it! WE DID IT! 1:14 is great time for a 6.2 mile race. We could not have done it without the support of our Twitter Ohana to cheer us on! Thank you to such great freinds: @Melissa808, @kyleepuu, @LenaHanson, @tze888 @ShawnNakamoto @KaylaMarieAboy @hiloprgal @InfinityPacific @LenaHanson, @harrycovair @hiloprgal @scotty808 @rickyli99 @yuenhdz, @MrKMattos @rhtakara@LEEWWE @rsuenaga, @ChrisHall78 @NeilYamamoto @tadasauce @gesekiian @alikarx03 @augusto_photo @slackerjackal

How did you like the green socks? Comfy? I saw that you had a couple blisters after but I guess that is what you pay for the price of beauty huh? Well, we will take it easy this week, but next week back to training! And don’t worry, a pedicure is on its way!

Left Foot

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*Photo Credit to @InfinityPacific+ @Melissa808


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6 thoughts on “Hawaii Pacific Health’s Womens 10k

  1. kyleepuu says:

    Definitely the best looking leprechauns i’ve ever seen šŸ™‚

  2. yuenhdz says:

    Awesome job! What a fun time!

  3. daniel says:

    boy you have very talkative feet. do you know they’re planning to spend your hard earned cash on pedicures? haha

  4. Right Foot says:

    Dear Left Foot,

    Blisters, schmisters…we were warriors at Sunday’s race. Glorious warriors!! Now I know how the warrior goddess Athena felt on the battlefields of ancient Greece when she would charge into the armies of Peloponnesia and ^%@ them up.

    Truly a splendid victory. Would not have missed it for the world.

    Re: green. Not my first choice — the color of lawn clippings? really? — but it came together nicely. I congratulate you on looking good and it was a suitable warm up for St. Paddy’s day. Are we of hearty Irish stock? The O’Lieu clan from the Emerald Isle? I always forget.

  5. Time to see a doctor! Or rest your feet 6 weeks like I did.

  6. Patrick says:

    Melissa is right– see a doc.

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