Dear Right Foot,

Please be better by tomorrow. Every day I want to run, but you hold me back by putting me through so much pain. I am about to go shopping for a new costume for tomorrow’s Hawaii Pacific Health Women’s 10K. Please be nice and play along for just a measly 6 miles. I would REALLY appreciate it. I promise I will treat you to a nice pedicure afterwards! We can even get the paraffin wax!!! PLEASE heal up by tomorrow!!!! Thanks in advance!

Left Foot

8 thoughts on “OWWWIIIIIIIEEE!!!

  1. kyleepuu says:

    OH no!!! get well soon right foot!

  2. Chris H says:

    If your foot keeps hurting, try to take a little time off from running to see if it improves. If not, see a doctor. Ignoring the pain can make it worse.

    • JLieu says:

      Thanks- it has been like 3 weeks!! I was off it for two and then started up- thanks Chris for the feedback, I will see a doctor so we can continue our runs! 😀

  3. Right Foot says:

    Dear Left Foot,

    Well, this is embarrassing. I wish you had come to me privately to talk about this before splashing our personal business all over the Internet. But I guess it’s the cost of living in a social media world.

    Since this is where we’re at, let me say that a) have you considered seeing a medical professional b) do you think my self esteem is so low that you can buy me off with a #*%¥ing pedicure? What’s next, offering me some hideous toe ring? Respect > bling.

  4. Daniel says:

    thats some real talent if your left foot can type haha. but yes your foot is kinda bust. dont know if running tomorrow is the best thing to do but if you do hope its okay

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