Get Creamed

One can of whipped cream is all it took. That’s right. You know you want it. It is the new party drink- kinda….
Last night, Kyle invited me to dinner with some of her friends, the evening was fun and we had great conversation- then she asked me to join her and her group for dessert. I love dessert and went with out any hesitation. When I arrived, I saw Kyle squirting cream into everyone’s mouth- and they all seemed to be enjoying it. When I looked at the can after- I understood. Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream infused with a 30 proof (15% alcohol by volume). Flavors include: raspberry, cherry, orange, caramel, chocolate, and of course vanilla with a smooth alcohol burst!

Check out the fun we had last night! Don’t forget to carry alcohol infused whipped cream in your purse ladies, you never know when you will need to cream someone!

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Special thanks to Kyle for bringing the whipped cream and demonstrating how to cream someone!
To purchase, visit website:

5 thoughts on “Get Creamed

  1. Jessica says:

    ahh, i’ve heard of this stuff. so did it taste good??

  2. kyleepuu says:

    OH!! You got all the money shots! lol. Kenny brought the whip cream… Remind me to think of an appropriate punishment for him! That stuff is so dangerous!

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