Hawaii Red Cross Online Auction Kick-Off!

MISSION: to prevent and alleviate human suffering by providing disaster relief and teaching lifesaving skills to the people of Hawaii, helping people prevent and prepare for emergencies, and providing support to military families.”-Hawaii Red Cross

The Hawaii Red Cross had its first tweet up yesterday, hosted by Chief of Staff Cindy Tanaka and CEO Coralie Matayoshi. It was interesting learning about how Hawaii Red Cross helps our community.

The Hawaii Red Cross is an independent, non- profit organization that is funded by donations, and when disaster strikes, the Hawaii Red Cross provides assistance at no charge! They have nine locations throughout the islands, and a number of loyal and dedicated volunteers to help whenever help is needed. There are volunteers who help teach swimming, CPR, and some that are on-call 24/7 to help coordinate disaster relief.

They are always looking form ore volunteers and every little bit helps!
Other ways you can help is by donating to them directly here or now through March 20, you can bid on fabulous items from hotel stays, airline tickets, spa packages, and MUCH more! 

Check out their online auction here: http://www.hawaiiredcross.org/

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii Red Cross Online Auction Kick-Off!

  1. More nonprofits need to get on board with social media!

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