Lollipop on a Pogo Stick

That’s right, I said it. Well actually Mark said it. According to Mark, when I run, I look like a lollipop on a pogo stick.

Mark and Trisha are my triathlete friends that are crazy fit and very disciplined in their training.
My training for a new Jenn started today, I was pretty good on diet, but I need to amp up my cardio. The problem is that my foot is still in a bit of pain from the GAR. I asked them what advice they could give me so I do not look so ridiculous while running.

Trisha gave me some good pointers to help prevent injury:

1. Tighten and engage the core
2. Run on the top of your feet opposed to the traditional heel-toe motion. This way, you are moving forward faster while conserving energy
3. Remember to relax your entire body when running.
4. Focus on running forward and concentrate on your form.
5. Breathe- many people do not focus on breathing enough and end up using more energy trying to control one’s breathing.

Mark gave me some advice that is very helpful and important weather someone has been training forever or if they are just starting out:

1. Diet. Diet. Diet: Something that I cannot control, but yet still working on. Damn those Ono Pops! My goal starting today is to cut out processed sugar.
2. Exercise: Working out daily and keeping active is essential to training.  Running and swimming are on my to-do list.
3. Sleep: It is one of the most important components that I am always struggling with. However this does heavily effect weight loss/gain. Goal: Sleep 8 hours daily

Thanks to Mark and Trisha, I hope I can look as good as you both someday! At least I wont look like Phoebe!
How do YOU run and do you have any tips for me? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Lollipop on a Pogo Stick

  1. Mark Curnow says:

    Great synopsis of our conversation. Nice dinner too, I need to go back and eat what you had.

  2. mrtroi says:

    Yeah, I’m bad on the sleep part. I only average 4-5 hrs a day.

  3. Daniel says:

    whats wrong with running like phoebe haha 😛 yeah mrtroi is right sleep part is hard i get about 6hrs a night. and the eating right part is the other hard part cuz what tastes sooo good usually aint good for you haha

  4. jennskim says:

    At my gym there’s this girl that runs like the terminator with her fingers pointing forward. Its pretty entertaining (and a bit annoying) to watch. But I think as long as you don’t look like Phoebe you’re good!

    A good pair of shoes is the key for me. I just bought a new pair of ASICS and I love them. Also, stretching! I’ve dealt with a bad case of shin splints and its no fun.

    Signing up for races is also a good motivator. It forces me to keep training!

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