The Great Aloha Run 2011

Happy President’s Day everyone! Today me along with hundreds of others are running the Annual Great Aloha Run! I met up with my co-workers around 6:30AM and we took a fun group photo! Everyone was very excited and when the gun went off, Donnie, Andrea, and I were off! This is the FIRST year I have ever ran the whole entire course without stopping! I am proud to say I did the run in 1:33:02. Last year my time was 1:37:42. Congratulations to everyone who ran and hope you all had fun! The best part about the run is that there is water and bananas at the end! 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day off! I am headed into work now! If you ran, how was it for you and what was your time? 🙂

I would have taken more pictures, but my phone/camera broke!

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5 thoughts on “The Great Aloha Run 2011

  1. kyleepuu says:

    yahoo! great job!

  2. Patrick says:

    Congrats on finishing!

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