My Date with Kyle!

This is a part two from my original post, The Beautiful People. It has been my dream that when I moved out on my own, I would move into an apartment, meet fabulous, make friends! I shared my story and many people say that my building is more of the norm and it is rare to find people that are friendly. The reality set in and I was pretty disappointed. However, social butterfly @Melissa808 introduced me to Kyle aka @kyleepuu on Twitter about a week ago. We had conversed back and forth and tried to meet up several times but our schedules conflicted. FINALLY, last night I met Kyle IRL (in real life) at Home Bar and Grill. We started talking and I felt that my prayers have been answered! @Melissa808 helped me find a fabulous neighbor! She is sweet, funny, easy going and LOVE TATER TOTS! The funny thing is Kyle and I have bet before, she is one of the few that have actually said “hi” to me when we shared an elevator. But now that I know she is on Twitter, we can hang out and chat that much more!

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Speaking of which, Home Bar & Grill has AMAZING tater tots. They are delicious with globs of sour cream, salsa, cheese, sprinkled with bacon and bits of green onions. We also had a couple of other dishes such as the salad and this ahi dish with crazy green sauce mixed with shiso. It was onolicious. Kyle is a foodie and I am inspired by how she has a good balance in life. She enjoys her food but working out as well! She makes me want to go to the gym again, and work out THAT much harder! Kyle also loves to hike, snorkel, and basically a fan of the outdoors!

Okay I look crazy at the beginning of this video- but here we are!

Another reason why I am so happy to have found a neighbor friend is that we can chat about our building! Parking for one is horrendous, the stalls are super small and I always thought that maybe it was all in my head, but Kyle helped me confirm that it was NOT just me! This is a start to a beautiful friendship and I am SO thrilled!!!! Thank you @Melissa808 for making this happen! Kyle you rock! See you ladies on Saturday!

If anyone wants to join, we are going to meet at 7AM the KCC’s Famer’s Market parking lot this Saturday, run for about 5-8 miles and then get our eat on at the market! DM for details @jlieu, hope to see you all there!

2 thoughts on “My Date with Kyle!

  1. Daniel says:

    so even after looking crazy in your video she still okay being friends?? wow she must be nice hahaha jk jk dont hurt me sifu

  2. Don’t forget….now you can walk together to all the cool spots in YOUR neighborhood to hang out!

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