It’s The Little Things That Count

Last night I had a super fun evening spending time with family and friends. After work, I ran at Ala Moana Beach Park with Lena, Patrick, and Dan. Mike was supposed to come with us and he called to tell me that he was going to stay home and clean. At first, I was quite skeptical- Mike NEVER really cleans and sometimes in my opinion, makes a bigger mess and I end up getting frustrated and having to redo what he has done. We ran from 6-7PM and then I went to Z Pizza to pick up Valentine’s Day dinner. Then I drove to Hawaii Kai to deliver some Happy Hearts mochi to my cousin, to give her a little sugar because she is SO sweet! As I headed home, I checked the time- 8:30PM- I AM THE WORST girlfriend EVER!!!!

I rushed home and when I opened the door- I was SHOCKED! The whole place was sparkling clean! I mean not just clean but- “Jenn standard clean”! The dishes were done, the counter wiped off, trash taken out, and best of all, carpet all vacuumed! Mike came to greet me with a hug and I felt horrible for not spending time with him sooner. We enjoyed our Santa Fe pizza while watching an Ugly Betty marathon. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day. I am so lucky to have someone who can be understanding that I want to spend time with everyone, come home late, and have the place perfect for me. This was one of the best Valentine’s Day ever!

For those that have a significant other, remember to cherish the little things that they do for you. For those that are still searching, make sure that person appreciates you for everything that you are. Never settle.  What did you do last night?

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