With Love

“Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” Pablo Picasso With that said, I hope everyone drinks up! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today marks a very special day, it is a day to celebrate love and affectionate for the ones you care for, AND it is the first day for my dear friends to be Mr. and Mrs. Orias. Yesterday, Troi Orias and Narda de Guzman wed at Ala Moana Beach Park, then commemorated the event with close family and friends.

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My fondest memory was when I first met Narda. In July 2008, I had joined MMI Realty as the Promotion Specialist at Aloha Tower Marketplace. I held a party as I was excited to start my new position. I invited my Twitter ohana, which included @MrTroi, and he introduced me to Narda as his “friend”. When I first saw them together, I thought, they have to be more than “just friends”. Some time had passed and Troi mentioned that he was going to travel to Italy and I was happy for him. Little did I know that Narda was stationed in Italy and on New Year’s Eve, Troi store a kiss from Narda which made his trip one to remember.

In May 2010, I accepted a position at The Wedding Ring Shop as the marketing coordinator. I announced my new opportunity on Twitter and Troi direct messaged me immediately making an appointment with me. When Troi came in, I was so surprised to see him and Narda hand in hand. (Last time I saw the couple, they were “Just Friends”) As they looked around, I got to see a softer side of Troi. The couple was so adorable, and they both smile from ear-to-ear! When Troi and Narda picked out “the one” it made me realize that everything that we do at The Wedding Ring Shop is SO special! After sharing such a special moment with them, I wanted to share their love story with everyone! (http://tinyurl.com/4qj4vnd). Troi is a true romantic, “Our story is about true love, second chances, and overcoming time & space-about kismet & fate. Sometimes, two people are just meant to be, and the universe finds a way to bring them together not just once, but twice and only when they are finally ready for each other.”

Thank you Troi and Narda for inviting me to celebrate with you on your special day. Great job @JeffKang, @RickyLi99, and @Rsuenaga for the a/v and wedding video. @MarcOrbito, fabulous photographer as always! @LenaHanson, Narda looked breathtaking!
In case you missed it, check out Troi and Narda’s wedding ceremony: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/12674090

With Love-Jenn

One thought on “With Love

  1. mrtroi says:

    Wow…this was a great insight from a different perspective. I’m so glad you could enjoy the day with us. Thank you for rising so early and of course, thank you for the help with the beautiful rings!!!

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