The Beautiful People

Friends is one my favorite sitcoms, I started to watch the show when I was in high school and had dreams that when I moved out on my own, I would bond with my neighbors which would cultivate life-long friendships.

I currently live in a fabulousl apartment in central Oahu, however the apartment culture is quite different from what I had hoped. I feel like I am Miss Aloha, always greeting everyone with a smile, wishing people a great day, holding doors for them, and what do I get in return?! Perhaps a smile or two. During the holidays, I even make cookies for my neighbors to try and get to know them. I figured Monica from Friends made chocolates, and people started to be friends with her. None of my neighbors seem to be interested in getting to know one another. The ones that I see often, I make up nick names to remember them, such as “drinks-a-lot” man, “Beautiful Family”, and “Cute construction guy”. I understand that everyone has busy lives but when I ask my friends, they tell me that they know their neighbors and even hang out!

An example is @Melissa808 @tiabla @dtsp808 @derekpaiva and @Genepark– they make up “Melrose Place”. The young and the fabulous, beautiful, fun and fashionable! I am SO jealous! I wish there was an opening in their building so I could move in and play with Polly-Oat Cakes (@tiabla‘s kitty). The Melrose clan aka the “Beautiful People” even go out for brunch and bake for one-another.

Maybe it is just me, and maybe because I never went away for college so yearn for my apartment lifestyle to mirror dorm life. Or maybe I just watch too much TV. Either way, if there is an opening at Melrose place- I am there! For those that live in apartments- how are YOUR neighbors? Do you live in a Melrose place, or a boring place like me?

12 thoughts on “The Beautiful People

  1. Charlie says:

    You’re not alone. For most people, their apartment lives mirrors yours. I had the same experience. I used to live in the middle of downtown and tried to get to know my neighbors. None of them would have it. They did, however, complain when I brought too many friends over. Basterds!!

    • JLieu says:

      No ways!!! Interesting, I thought I was the weird one. I mean I dont expect us to trade life stories, but it would be nice to be able to have a conversation! šŸ˜› Oh well!!! I guess you can never have it all! šŸ˜€ At least most of my neighbors are pretty clean!!

  2. LOL and that’s just the Twitter community you listed. There are some beautiful Facebookers in my building, too!

    To be honest, though, I’ve had good neighbors all my life. When I bought my first apartment, I made sure I had good neighbors. I didn’t even want to move when it was time, because I was afraid I wouldn’t have good neighbors anymore! So I took my time in shopping for the right place. When an opening in Melrose came up, I felt very lucky because I already knew several people who live here.

    When shopping for your next place, make sure you know who lives near you. It’s not always about the living space. The way my unit is set up, it’s not necessarily my “dream apartment,” but having good neighbors far outweighed the little things I wanted in a place. “A house is just a house…until you come home.”

    • JLieu says:

      I never thought about that!!! IM JEALOUS!!!! I mean, when you tell me about how all hang out and take care of each other- it makes me think, I want that!!! I guess that is something I will have top of mind when I move. In my “5 year plan” at least for real estate- I need to save up more money so Mike and I can move into a 2 bedroom. *wishful thinking* we will see though! Life happens and it is EXPENSIVE!! LOL!

      If I get a chance to move into Melrose Place, I will probably get rid of my car and share one with Mike. šŸ™‚

      • stacy says:

        Not to worry, Jen! When @Melissa808 wants good neighbors, she sometimes just makes them up … like her “imaginary bartender” (i think he was a bartender) neighbor. LOL!!! šŸ˜‰

      • Hey! The bartender is real! He still lives on the 12th floor. But he doesn’t invite me over for salad & martinis anymore because he has a girlfriend.

      • JLieu says:

        LMAO!!!! You are soo funny!!!! Well when I move in, I will make sure I meet him IRL to confirm for you Melissa!

    • Adelaide says:

      Grade A stuff. I’m unuqesitonbaly in your debt.

  3. Aaron says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU for explaining WTF Melrose Place is. I kept seeing it show up on Foursquare. Now I want to move there.

    • JLieu says:

      LOL… you are sooo funny!! I know, I get sad when I hear that they all go out for drinks, or hang out, or that they bring soup for each other when someone id not feeling well šŸ˜› Well… just know if you lived in my building, and you were sick, I would bring you soup! šŸ™‚

    • Hahahahaaa stand in line! EVERYONE wants to move to the sexiest address in Metro Honolulu. I go to the Farmer’s Market and Lisa Asagi yells, “I WANT TO LIVE IN MELROSE PLACE!”

      The next outing may actually be at home, when we go to the Paiva’s place for cocktails.

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