Bottoms Up!

On Saturday, Lena and I went shopping for new running shoes. She had been researching for weeks on Reebok’s RunTone shoes, featured below. She calls them the “Butt Shoes” because according to Reebok, they use exclusive Moving Air Technology with balance ball inspired pods, which creates micro-instability and softness with every step. This proprietary technology is designed to give you a better butt and legs with every step.

When I first saw them, I was convinced that it was a marketing ploy to make women think by buying a certain type of shoe will help you lose weight and have a better butt- well I guess it worked because Lena bought a pair and so did I! They were on sale for $80! I was sold once the sales associate, Lindsey, educated us on how the technology worked and then let us run around the store with the shoes. Lindsey was so sweet, patient and really good at trying to up sell us on products!

On Sunday, Lena and I put the shoes to the test. When you first put them on and walk around, you can feel the difference that you do need to focus on your balance. I ran the Diamond Head hill without stopping at all which is a big improvement for me! I was so proud and when I finished my 6 mile run, I felt GREAT! Usually, when I finish running, I want to pass out and get a pedicure because my feet hurt so much! They are comfortable and I swear you can feel you butt getting tighter and firmer by the minute! THEY WORK!!

Of course, when I bought the RunTones, I had to make sure that they matched my running outfits! They come in a variety of colors from white on white, pink, blue, and turquoise.  RunTones are made for both men and women and  can be found at your local Footlocker. Im planning to run four times this week!

3 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

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  2. dan says:

    i said it once and i’ll say it again whoever made the commercial for those shoes is a marketing genius. haha

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