Fun-Filled Friday!

“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” John Shirley

I think that we should always have 3-day weekends to fully recharge and rejuvenate for the next week.  Friday was very productive, starting with a 6:30AM run at Ala Moana Beach Park with @p_dub. I had a second work out with @AngieLeeCpt at Definition Fitness.  Went home, showered and got ready for a very busy day.

I met up with @Marktrc at Ala Moana and our first stop was to return some shoes however, I ended up returning one pair for four pairs….I normally never shop like that but I could not help adopting these babes! Besides, as @Marktrc said, “They are all is not like you bought one pair of expensive shoes or bought the same type of shoe…” So I guess I do not feel that bad!

As we made our returns and rounded the corner; the aroma of fresh baked cookies filled the air. We stood there for a couple of minutes just to take in the delicious smell of the delicate delights!

When we arrived at Ailana Shave Ice, we were STARVING! After smelling the cookies, we were craving something sweet and yummy. Ailana Shave Ice is my favorite shave ice eatery because of their homemade syrups, but also for their interesting crepe creations. For lunch as we had the  hot dog cheese crepe with topped with powered sugar and maple syrup.

I was cheesy hot dog heaven! I savored each bite! We ordered the haupia and strawberry milk shave ice with ice cream for dessert, thank Mark for modeling.

Next Stop: Kissaten! I know that I said I would never go back there again after the roach incident (that s for another entry) but I wanted to meet the FAMOUS @WorldWideEd ! When we arrive, Ed was there with Mark’s BFF @RickNakama. as Ed and I got acquainted with each other, Rick spent most of the time trying to think of the perfect URL name for his Facebook profile. If you have not already, please “like” his page, he really appreciates your support, and trust me, he took a lot of time and care into his page- I think a whole hour and a half went into “Should the page be named Rick Nakama R or Rick Nakama Realtor or… ” and this went on and on!

Getting to know Ed was a lot of fun, he is really good at making sure everyone knows to use only Oceanic’s Road Runner Mobile when you are searching for internet service! (not a plug by the way, just saying!) Thank you Ed for letting me recharge my phone using your comp and tech stuff! WOOT WOOT to Twitter IRL friends!

Also a BIG thank you to Mark and Rick for helping me asses my car situation. My poor baby Joey (my Scion xB) was not feeling too good and the car doctors said it is because I have a leak in my tire- sigh… another expense but I guess baby Joey needs new shoes too! Thank you to my two male BFFs!!! Great job Mark and Rick! Thanks for helping me out and making it a SUPER fun Friday!

4 thoughts on “Fun-Filled Friday!

  1. Dan says:

    yes to the 3 day weekend. go become a lawmaker and make it a law to have 3 day weekends. if you do i’ll buy you some cookies haha

  2. Rick Nakama says:

    If I hadn’t read through to the last paragraph, I’d have thought you’d given up my BFF slot and passed it on to Mark for some reason!

    I did not take an hour to decide what the Facebook page was going to be called. It did take a while for me to figure out what the URL should be. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful help making that big executive decision that can’t be changed… ever… according to FB.

  3. The “FAMOUS @WorldWideEd”!?!? LOL! I think not. Nice meeting you too yo.

    P.S. I’d like to be somebody’s BFF too! 😛

  4. marktrc says:

    it was a fun day. i like how you devour hot dogs and shave ice. looking forward to crepes.

    with all this talk about BFFs, i think we should make another classification. maybe BBFFs or something or SBFF. Then we can be… even Better BFFS or Super BFFS! =)

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