808 OCD

808 OCD is a new video blog that @LenaHanson and I started. She and I have many things in common (such as OCD) however, there are many things we differ on such as food, fashion, and lifestyle. Check out our first video and let me know what you think! Each week we will host topics that range from make up lessons, guest appearances, and cooking tips.

3 thoughts on “808 OCD

  1. scrivener says:

    I love it already! 🙂

  2. Doc Rock says:

    Classic you two. Try turn on some damn lights.

    I love the idea and you guys are funny as all hell but you know ODC and ADD are two completely different things… right.

    Love you both keep it up.

  3. Hyperkind says:

    Jenn! watched tha video blog, actually a few times! Freakin awesome! Lena yellin at her son made me bust out laughin a few times. Definately will be followin this blog, cant wait for tha next one!

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