What’s on YOUR Daily Plate?

It has been more than a month since I have blogged about my work out/ fitness adventures.

I wish I could report that I have been busy working out but in all honesty, I have been with work and then rewarding myself with fun eating excursions. The fun eating has been great, however, not the healthiest. On Monday, September 13, I officially am back ON the wagon and I am starting to log my meals and workouts again.

After work, I went to see my trainer; Angie Lee, who turned me onto this site: http://www.thedailyplate.com/

This site helps you track your meals and workouts and has a shared community on health and wellness. Another plus is that you can share your progress on your favorite social media sites.

When you log your meals, The Daily Plate has a HUGE database of food/ beverages to choose from. There are national brands such as Cheerios and KFC and you can also include meals that you make and it logs the calories and other details for you.

It is Day 2 of The Daily Plate and I think I have been doing pretty good- when you have to log what you eat, it makes you think twice about if you want to post” I ate a slice of Red Velvet cake” which yes, I did do today 😦

I am a fan, please sign up and add me as a friend (jlieu)! What is on YOUR plate?

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