my mane squeeze

I’m in love-in love with getting my haircut by hair stylist, Sheryl (@egg104). When I walk into Salon Blanc, it is like walking into Cheers where everyone knows my name (and my addiction to getting my hair cut). The heavenly aroma of shampoo and conditioner fill my senses. I change into my smock and take a seat in the shampoo station. As I tilt my head back, Sheryl asks the question, “What are we doing this time?”

As many say, change is inevitable. I embrace change and enjoy changing my look. Hair always grows back however, I have so many different looks and styles that I would like to try, yet my hair never grows fast enough.

Sheryl pats my hair dry and she begins her magic! She cuts, trims, and thins out my hair, and during this process, I begin to relax. My transformation begins. I feel like with each cut, I am letting go. Letting go of whatever little problems that may have stressed me. Sheryl and catch up on the typical girl talk, food and fashion.

About 35-45 minutes later, I look into the mirror and see a new fabulous me!  The photo on the left is my most recent hair cut. I am trying to grow out my hair and eventually have body waves like Jennifer Aniston or Nicole Richie.  Thank you Sheryl for making me look like the best me possible! I feel gorgeous inside and out!

Salon Blanc
1288 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 100
Honolulu HI 96814

4 thoughts on “my mane squeeze

  1. mike says:


  2. hyperkind says:

    the haircut came out lookin great Jen!

  3. Electricbamboo says:

    Your hair looks like all those Jpop girls. Looks good!

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