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90 day challenge

“I feel that the most important step in any major accomplishment is setting a specific goal. This enables you to keep your mind focused on your goal and off the many obstacles that will arise when you’re striving to do your best.”-Kurt Thomas

After reading this, I have made a commitment and starting today, I am really (for real this time) going to try and stick to my 90 day challenge.

My first goal is a physical makeover to tone up and lower my body fat to 18% and lose 15 lbs. Many may say, “Jenn, you dont need to lose weight or worry.” However, my family has had a history of health challenges, and I would like to prevent these potential genetic challenges, in addition, get back to my normal weight. I love working out however, I recently have lacked motivation. My twitter ohana has been very helpful for encouraging me, but I know I have to take the initiative and do it myself! I have 3 weddings to attend to this year, and I would like to look my best. My 10 year reunion is coming up as well (in a couple of years) and I would like to look my best!

My second goal is to have a personal makeover. I want to be a better person, be more calm, patient, and when speaking, thinking about what I have to say prior to saying it. Speak positively and s-l-o-w-l-y. This will be challenging as well because it will take a conscious effort.

Day 1: Sunday, July 25, 2010
Today I ran 6 miles and it felt great. I started with a bowl of Special K cereal. However, there was a turn for the worst when I hit lunch and dinner. For lunch I had a slice of Ted’s chocolate haupia pie + for dinner, I had another slice of pie with a side of veggies and bread. I feel that this was my “last meal”. I know that my diet will be my hardest challenge. Due to my busy after-work schedule, this week I am going to the gym at 5AM and work out for an hour. Wish me luck!

jenn’s friday top 10

The top ten things that I would like to do this weekend are…

  1. Spend time with @mikeyws
  2. Spend time with family
  3. Work out with Angie Lee
  4. Run 10 miles + pot luck with my running crew
  5. Working @weddingringshop
  6. Attending the Bridal Expo
  7. Laundry laundry laundry
  8. Go to the Bank
  9. Buy a couch
  10. Clean the house

my mane squeeze

I’m in love-in love with getting my haircut by hair stylist, Sheryl (@egg104). When I walk into Salon Blanc, it is like walking into Cheers where everyone knows my name (and my addiction to getting my hair cut). The heavenly aroma of shampoo and conditioner fill my senses. I change into my smock and take a seat in the shampoo station. As I tilt my head back, Sheryl asks the question, “What are we doing this time?”

As many say, change is inevitable. I embrace change and enjoy changing my look. Hair always grows back however, I have so many different looks and styles that I would like to try, yet my hair never grows fast enough.

Sheryl pats my hair dry and she begins her magic! She cuts, trims, and thins out my hair, and during this process, I begin to relax. My transformation begins. I feel like with each cut, I am letting go. Letting go of whatever little problems that may have stressed me. Sheryl and catch up on the typical girl talk, food and fashion.

About 35-45 minutes later, I look into the mirror and see a new fabulous me!  The photo on the left is my most recent hair cut. I am trying to grow out my hair and eventually have body waves like Jennifer Aniston or Nicole Richie.  Thank you Sheryl for making me look like the best me possible! I feel gorgeous inside and out!

Salon Blanc
1288 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 100
Honolulu HI 96814

7/12: fun run

Yesterday I went running at Ala Moana Beach Park. I met up (tweeted up) with @ChrisHall78 @chrisota @docrock @mikeyWS @mrm0nster @OahuAJ @rsuenaga @StevenRawson @tobitoyama @YakuzaBento @JJD74 @Melissa808 @Scotty808 @tze888 @yoon001 @lalalinzy @docrock and my fav @lenahanson! We ran for 3.2 miles and as we all started to run.. I started thinking…

I am so thankful to have so many good people in my life. I have a wonderful and loving family, fabulous friends, and just a happy life. There have been so many positive people who have help influence and shape my life, helped me through the challenging times and taught me life lessons.

After our run, we all met up at Goma Tei at Ala Moana Shopping Center. We had a pretty big group, and there I was able to chat with old friends, friends that I finally met IRL (in real life) and new friends that I just started following (on Twitter)! Overall it was a nice evening and it felt great to work out and be with good people! I am looking forward to the next one! If you are free on Thursday, August 5th, please join us!

jenn’s friday top ten

The top ten things that I would like to do this weekend are…

1.  Yoga
2.  Run 10 Miles
3.  Spend time with my family
4.  Spend time with myself
5.  Work on my blog
6.  Meditate
7.  Smile
8.  Laundry
9.  Be Happy
10.Be Healthy

Leopard Love

Happy Aloha Friday! It has been so long since I last wrote- then again it has been very busy at work! I have been planning for the 2010 Tacori Summer Collection event that is right around the corner! Tacori will be featuring some fabulous rings!

Speaking of fabulosity, I am really excited to purchase the new Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit from Too Faced! I am a HUGE fan of their products, specifically with blush and bronzer. When you brush the blush on your face is so soft it feels like you are wearing nothing! It is long lasting yet easy to wash off. I actually heard about this product from @Melissa808. She had given me a makeup palette for my birthday and I have been in love ever since. Ladies, summer is here- so get your bronze on!